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Do opinions of caregiving by childless people bother you?

I give out opinion despite not having kids. That’s because I remember being a kid and realize the exact things that were done to me that’s I feel screwed me up. I will always give my opinions if I see you doing those same things to your child, because I feel for them.

Example, people who aren’t used to dealing with autistic or mentally/developmentally delayed children may not know what stimming is. And when it comes to autism in girls, it tends to be over looked and you may not realize you have an autistic female child if they are high functioning. A lot get diagnosed in the teen years or early adulthood. But back to what I was saying, I used to do a lot of vocal stims, I would make “beats” and a buzzing sound in the back of my throat. I could get loud. My mother would get so angry with me and embarrassed in public, and would yell at me and punish me. She seen one of my stims as “bad” behavior. Which to me, it was a coping mechanism. It would essentially help me deal with the sensory overload around me. It wasn’t bad behavior at all. My grandma also would yell at me for fidgeting. I got in trouble when I went through my “walking rituals” (I would walk in different styles back to back to back, before I allowed myself to walk normally) and my mom still brings up how that got in her nerves and embarrassed her. It really makes feel bad to know my behavior was so terrible when it hurt no one.

I could go on but that is just an example!

Don’t punish your children for coping in different ways than the other kids do. You’re not helping them at all. It hurts.

Just like I could tell you better on how to handle a teen dealing with anorexia better than you ever can, if you never dealt with it 🤷‍♀️ I know how they feel. You don’t. People who never had an ED tend to make us feel worse and trigger our disorder more (never say you look “healthy” btw, that translates to fat).
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JacksonBlue · 31-35, M
I can't fly a plane but i know when a pilot is big time fucking it up
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
I got chewed out by a bitch for that. Like sorry I don't have kids lady but I'm also not the one frequently asking strangers on the internet about raising them

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