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Are you aware Hillary wants to flood the country with 1 million muslin refugees?
26-30, M
+ 3 38 replies 37 views Nov 2, 2016 |
MasterLee · 51-55, M
Yes among other crap
TheProphet · M
Yes I am aware of her plan.
She could flood the country with a million gallons of gas and then light it on fire and I still wouldn't give a flying fuck tbfh
1961dave · 56-60, M
Yes, this is despite the fact that these refugees are destroying other countries, and raping a lot of women. It's also despite the fact that the refugees are coming from ISIS teritory. It's obvious that vetting can't work, but if that's not enough the FBI confirmed that.
quinnVneck · 26-30, F
rational reasoning at its finest...i'm glad you have the courage to speak your mind =D

i mean i'm no fan of oranges donald ducks either but he is the lesser evil of the two...
1961dave · 56-60, M
@quinnVneck: thanks, it's sickening that Liberals choose to dismiss reality!
quinnVneck · 26-30, F
i heard clinton wants the whole world to conform to their national norms...but hey i'm a non-conformist...
puppydoglover · 16-17, M
Yes she's a total asshole she's going to let them come in giving Social Security and Welfare while the people that lived here all their life at work for what they got
1961dave · 56-60, M
@quinnVneck: look what's happening to police now. They have to be afraid to defend themselves from black criminals. They arrested yhe ladey sheriff that shot the black guy that was reaching in his car. I would not want to wait to get shot by some criminal.
puppydoglover · 16-17, M
quinnVneck · 26-30, F
the very people we're trying to protect from racists are the true racists... =(
midnightshadows · 22-25, F
if she gets elected there will no longer be a united states...
1961dave · 56-60, M
Yeah, I actually think the refugees are very thought out She wants get martial law in place!
CaptainCanadia · 36-40, M
So you believe that Clinton will bring in 1 million refugees, who will run rampart and destroy the country (as they obviously have in Germany which no longer exists), which will allowed her to usher in martial law and turn the country into dictatorship?
CaptainCanadia · 36-40, M
This message was deleted by its author.
SerenitiesScars · 31-35, M
I'm aware she wants to invoke Sharia law while adding to the muslim refugee count. So basically honor killings! Honor killings for everyone! How's that for being progressive. Women suddenly being thrown in prison for dressing western. Women being killed for petty reasons because it "Was to save their soul through honor"

And don't forget the Trans and Gay communities! One bar shooting will just be the beginning with that actually becoming the LAW here... She's totes the best representive for being "Progressive"
quinnVneck · 26-30, F
while trump wants to just keep USA safe and make money flow...clinton is a bandwagoner and is also the worst... thanks for the additional info
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United states of arabia.

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