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I did weighted pullups 3 weeks ago, but cant do even one now.My Muscle has damaged.
Its been three weeks sinc I tied a bucket full of stones to my leg and did pull ups.Even though the muscle pain is gone.I cant pull up anymore.But I can see that there is some expansion, but no strength.What could be happening.
kentex35 · 61-69, M
I tore my bicep a couple of years ago. It hurt when it happened. It ached a long time. If I over use my arm it'll hurt. But the deformity make me look like I have a muscle again. Big knot. Old man with a muscle hahahahahahahaha
Peppa · F
[@800649,kentex35] only a professional can advise you on that, a normal eye won't be able to see the unnatural tilts, posturing or overcompensations your bodies making.
kentex35 · 61-69, M
[@305137,Peppa] Oh, I gotcha. You think it will bother me if I'm careful? I probably don't have many years left. But if like to make it to 80. I think I would. My mother is 87 and she just retired everything 2 years ago. She's pretty strong still. I hope she doesn't have to see me go out live through that. No parent should bury their child. I know that happened but if I had my druthers I hope for the the most typical in order.
Peppa · F
[@800649,kentex35] no idea, but you're allowing fear to take control of something that might not even be.
I discovered a lump when I was 22 and I really was petrified when I saw the first doctor they gave me all the information sheets for cancer. And I thought I was finished. Why? Because really the idiots booked me the last appointment of the day and I had to wait the weekend to be able to go and get my bloods and further testing. It turned out to be something minor... (I should have sued them)
But that whole weekend I was convinced that with my poor luck it definitely was cancer. I almost didn't make the appointment, I didn't tell anyone either. It was one of the many hard times in my life. If I listed them all you'd think I was lying. But I couldn't make this stuff up even if I wanted to. I'm not a sicko...
Anyways I'm like this I would rather know if I'm gonna die, because I'd make the most of the life I have now.
We're all dying... But this would tell me I need to put things in order. Prepare yourself for bad news but genuinely hope for the best.
You're at the age where they do these checks, if for your benefit to know earlier than later (it definitely will be more of a battle)
I hope this kind gave you some perspective... You know yourself I can only hope to free you of that fear if even a little.

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