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would you be okay if your stalker was beautiful/handsome. would that make it less freaky
SW User
43 replies
Oct 30, 2016
LovelyGorilla18-21, F
馃to be completely honest yes . but i would still be a little concerned
hami109136-40, FVIP
No, and neither would they be okay, I travel with Mr. S&W but on a side note, I have no worries, no one would be dumb enough to stalk me since I am a very plain looking redhead.
I had a stalker good looking or not makes no difference. Being watched through the window is not a joke. That fear will never leave me.
SW User
Well they'd only be stalking me because I had chosen not to be with them I assume?
SW User
what if they were just infatuated with you.
SW User
I don't know. I just figure if they were infatuated they'd try to get with me first and only if I turned them down would they resort to stalking. Maybe I'm overthinking it?
PaleandPolluted31-35, F
@theowl: that would be hot but then they might go offf me
LilPrincess41-45, F
No, as being a victim of several stalkers both on & off line appearance has nothing to do with it. Stalkers are mentally unstable & nothing makes it less freaky.
SW User
true and sorry you went through that.
LilPrincess41-45, F
Thank ya.
I doubt it. ?????
greenmountaingal70-79, F
No. Of course not. Are you serious? (Or a stalker...?)
SW User
neither a guy i know from another site asked that so i stole it.
SoulAsylum26-30, M
I wouldn't mind having a stalker as long as she isn't to deranged.
SW User
arent most women kind of deranged.
PaleandPolluted31-35, F
Hot people don't stalk. Only in soft porn movies made for women :p
SoulAsylum26-30, M
Stalking has nothing to do with ones appearance it's all mental.
PaleandPolluted31-35, F
@SoulAsylum: hot people have other options so they are less likely to get hung up one person
SoulAsylum26-30, M
@Paleandpolluted86: It's still mental nothing to do with appearance.
secondtimearound26-30, F
It would still be freaky. My stalker is a looker, but it freaks me out to know he's out there watching me.

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