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Do you think Ancestry is full of shit?
It says my family were criminals and pirates.
22-25, M
17 replies
Oct 28, 2016
Flenflyys · 26-30, F
That's interesting though
SW User
seem legit.
LiMustache · 36-40
LoveChild · 22-25, F
I'm not terribly interested in genealogy. Whatever they did doesn't make me special.
DailyInternetDose · 22-25, M
So you're only interested in what makes you special?
LoveChild · 22-25, F
@DailyInternetDose: Basically, yes. I might mention what living family members have accomplished.
A lot of illustrious people have come from "humble" lineage.
@DailyInternetDose: any particular reason?
DailyInternetDose · 22-25, M
It'd be exciting and pay a lot.
@DailyInternetDose: until you get killed.
Ancestry is nice but it doesnt determine your future.
exexec · 61-69, M has lots of good information, but it also has plenty of errors. I know because I discovered that some of the information that I posted was wrong. All of us have heroes and villains in our ancestry. I find the shadier characters to be most interesting.
PeanutsauntieP1982 · 36-40, F
No. I have tons of ancestors from all walks of life in my blood, from Scottish warriors, to apple-orchard planting guys like Johnny Appleseed. So, while it is interesting to know who your ancestors were, you are a unique individual like they were with your own story to live and tell.
Silverfox420 · 31-35, F
I think, why do we give a shit about dead people?
DailyInternetDose · 22-25, M
Because it's interesting.
Abbenthewolf · 13-15, M
Yes you are full of doodoo

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