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Is your 'dot' turned off?
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i see lots of people are turning their dots off!
Dont you want people to know your here?
Are you embarrassed?
41-45, M
43 replies
Oct 28, 2016
This message was deleted.
Bubbles · 31-35, F
My dot is on!
dunpender · 80-89, M
JaggedLittlePill · 41-45, F
I just have had mine turned off forever..i do not ever think about it really
ForeverRaindrops33 · 26-30, F
You can turn it off???? 😮
Franky · 41-45, M
[center][/center]HAIL DOT!
ForeverRaindrops33 · 26-30, F
@Franky: 😂
Franky · 41-45, M
@ForeverRaindrops33: 😋
Franky · 41-45, M
Ahh 2 dots and 2 nondots so far! Ohh sorry.. thats 1 VIPnondot 1 normalnondot and 2 dots
JaggedLittlePill · 41-45, F
You are in need of more coffee
Franky · 41-45, M
Ahhhh... VIPnondot has spoken! Coffee it is!
SW User
knowledge is power. and I don't give away more than I want to.
Franky · 41-45, M
NonVIPnondot .. yeah! paranoia rules!
marsbar · F
Even if my dot's not on, people still know I'm here because our profile appears on the recently active users screen. But yes, it would be nice to just be on here sometimes to read & answer posts without having to answer or not answer PMs. :/
marsbar · F
@Franky: Not really. I've mentioned it before, so it's not like I'm hiding anything. The people who want to PM me already know what I know.
Franky · 41-45, M
@marsbar: Not like your hiding anything!!?
Your hiding your dot!!!
marsbar · F
@Franky: Lol. True, but I comment & post quite a bit, so people would know I'm on here anyways. They catch on. But for others, I can still hide. ;)
plywood · T
plywood · T
Morse code
Franky · 41-45, M
@plywood: OMG .. guys its an SOS! Nondot needing assistance! Man the boats!
plywood · T
Franky · 41-45, M
OMG .. theres nondots everywhere!
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