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Do fathers and other male influences really have a big impact on how a kid grows up to be?
26-30, M
12 replies
May 23, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago
revenant · F
yes, fathers in general tend to promote individuality and courage
Platinum · M
Both mother and fathers have so much influence on how the child turns out....I've got four and they are all great kids...
Autonomous · 41-45, F
I think they can. But, depending on the female role models, I don't always think they are necessary.
LAlexV · 22-25, M
if they’re present they have just as much impact as mothers i think..
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
Of course.
Children are influenced by the environment in which they are raised.

It's well documented how boys in particular respond better to male influences as they grow.
Hence why many parents prefer male Teachers for their boys.
Autonomous · 41-45, F
[@448576,Picklebobble2] I read this study about men in the UK. It was only 48% out of 1,000 men. In South Korea they did a similar study and male students showed no measurable difference. The same study also showed no measurable difference in the US, but noting a positive result when you added people of color to the teacher pool. So, it may be safe to say culture plays a big part.
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
[@786692,Autonomous] That's true. I mean the saying [i]It takes a village to raise a child[/i] is quite true.
vivianoblivion · 22-25, F
My dad was a huge influence on how I am now.
Absolutely, without question.
Quizzical · 41-45, M
Wraithorn · 51-55, M
I have one child, a daughter, I naturally thought that I as her father wouldn't have much of an influence on her.

Also, because I was an absent father to begin with and only knew her from the age of 12, I thought I would be even less of an influence. That's not true though, she told me so herself.
Thinkerbell · 36-40, F
Yes, for good or ill, depending on what kind of fathers they are.

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