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Anybody want to go for a swim... I have a brand new lake in my back yard!
61-69, M
75 replies
3 days ago
Adaydreambeliever · 51-55, F
I hate to tell you this.. but it seems a trifle damp there :P
traceavery · 61-69, M
[@7167,Adaydreambeliever] Just a bit
Mrsbetweenfatandfit · 22-25, F
TwiddlerofThumbs · 41-45, F
I do hope it doesn't get any deeper.
traceavery · 61-69, M
[@6361,TwiddlerofThumbs] Me too... my horses haven't learned the back stroke yet
TwiddlerofThumbs · 41-45, F
[@9646,traceavery] I do hope this is merely a reminder to you to get them lessons!
Burnley123 · 36-40, M
Wow. Have you been able to protect your house?
traceavery · 61-69, M
[@422868,Burnley123] Water would need to come up another 3-4 feet to effect the house
Burnley123 · 36-40, M
[@9646,traceavery] I'm glad to hear that.
Daisy50 · 46-50, F
morrgin · F
Oh my gosh! I'd be thinking about sandbags and not swimming.
traceavery · 61-69, M
[@668319,morrgin] This summer, I'm building levies between me and the creek!
morrgin · F
[@9646,traceavery] good idea
Tomorrow · 51-55, F
Oh no!
Tomorrow · 51-55, F
[@9646,traceavery] That's awful. I hope it gets better soon. Prayers for you safety!
traceavery · 61-69, M
[@895635,Tomorrow] Thank you Sweetheart... I'm sure everything will be fine... See those prayers work really fast!
Tomorrow · 51-55, F
[@9646,traceavery] 😊
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Holy crap. I hope you are all safe.
traceavery · 61-69, M
[@329500,uncalled4] Had to move my horses, so far that's all
Autonomous · 41-45, F
Carissimi · F
Wow! How is your house faring?
Carissimi · F
Thank goodness. I hope the rain stops. [@9646,traceavery]
traceavery · 61-69, M
[@40142,Carissimi] Going to be a week of it I'm afraid
Carissimi · F
Well, best of luck! 🤞[@9646,traceavery]

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Anybody want to go for a swim... I have a brand ne... | Community | Similar Worlds