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I was catching up on the Love Island UK episodes tpday, and i am so sick of hearing the phrase 'it is what it is'
18-21, F
12 replies
4 days ago
Hexes · 31-35, F
It is what it is 🤷🏽‍♀️
awesomusmaximus · 22-25, M
What's that
LyricalOne · F
Yeah, intellectual show like that, you’d think they’d have a more well rounded vocabulary.
SeductiveCactus · 18-21, F
[@638129,LyricalOne] never expected them to be smart. Just didnt expect for them to all use tjat one phrase.
BoringGuy · 22-25, M
They're all thick and shallow people.. what do you expect?
SeductiveCactus · 18-21, F
[@731107,BoringGuy] well, not all haha. Ones a scientist and helps create vaccines.
SeductiveCactus · 18-21, F
[@731107,BoringGuy] although to be fair, she was stupid enough to go on Love island hahaha.
BoringGuy · 22-25, M
[@372439,SeductiveCactus] If I'm going to be fair to them..

I'm sure not all of them are shallow or stupid but they have to act that way to fit in and get further in the competition. They all want that money and they will follow retard etiquette to get it.
FloorGenAdm · 46-50, M
For like a year my co-worker would say FYI before everything she said and then she stopped saying that I don't know why.
Hexes · 31-35, F
Hahah I knew people like that as well. Almost as bad for the ones that say ‘Like’ every time they turn around 🙄 [@454355,FloorGenAdm]
FinchFry · 22-25, F
it is what it is innit
Last year was "Where's your head at?"

I think this year is particularly horrible. I dislike every single person.
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