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I need help. My friend won’t stop flirting with me and I don’t see him that way. How do I tell him to stop?
I’m afraid to tell him no I’m afraid it’ll upset him and ruin our friendship.
22-25, F
13 replies
May 15, 2019
HamSolo · 26-30, MVIP
Just be honest and straightforward by telling him that I don't see you more than a friend bud.
TexChik · 36-40, F
Just tell him you aren’t comfortable with him
Flirting with you . That you need him as one of your trusted friends
abe182 · 41-45, M
He also may just enjoy flirting if it's not sexual in nature.
bellybuttonfan17 · 31-35, M
Well, as a man there is no good news about being friendzoned, but I would definitely love to hear sooner than later. So my advice is just be as calm, but firm and tell him exactly what you have said here to us. If he understands, he is being a good friend. If not, he wasn't friends with you to begin with, just trying to date you.
4DaHorde · 26-30, M
I mean this to help you the best I can, you have to tell him sooner than later, otherwise it will get worse and worse. It’s okay to let him down easy, but try reminding him there are many other women out there. I was in his situation many times, and it sucks, but if he’s mature enough and values the friendship, he’ll work with it. I’m not saying he won’t be upset, but I am saying the friendship should endure, instead of capsize. And if it does go south, then I know how much it will hurt, but like women, there are more friends out there, not to mention people tend to see reason after a period of time and cooling off. Best of luck. 🤝
ViciDraco · 31-35, M
Gotta tell him straight. If it ruins the friendship he wasn't really interested in being friends. As someone who has been that guy I can admit that it hurts. It really sucks. But if I value her in my life I don't let it ruin the friendship.
Kiriko · F
4DaHorde · 26-30, M
This route might actually work as a last resort haha [@659125,Esmeralda]
Kiriko · F
[@826991,TentacleHentai] [c=#359E00]he didn't afraid to ruin the friendship, so why she must afraid?[/c]
HamSolo · 26-30, MVIP
[@659125,Esmeralda] Perfect suggestion!!
There's no way to tell him to stop and remain friends. He's flirting with you he wants more than you have to offer..
So what can you do about it.

My answer is.. Possibly nothing
Yiskah · 22-25, M
This is a troll question. You can't be taken seriously anymore
You might well ruin it. But you won't make that any less likely by beating around the bush. Either develop those feelings or lay it on the line pronto!

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