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Anyone else think vaping looks trashy as hell?
26-30, M
14 replies
May 9, 2019
SW User
Redstar31-35, M
Of course not
SW User
I must agree on this one !!
Reminds me of vegans..
oh I dont like smokes/smoking.. but I鈥檒l mimic it...?馃
Redstar31-35, M
[@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout] Wow. Judging people for doing something when you don't even know why they do it.
Maybe actually research it or try it yourself first.
Lolz.. you research whatever you like.. stop telling ppl what their own opinions are fuckhead! [@322609,Redstar]
So lame
Vaping is so dorky lmaooo
No but the ramifications of it are terrible 馃槼But I wouldn't mind tasting a few of them馃様
Privatehell46-50, M
I vape because I used to chainsmoke 3 packs a day as a truck driver. I tried gum, patches and pills, nothing else worked. Vaping has.
Insomniac4218-21, M
Yeah it鈥檚 better than cigarettes though which are 100x more disgusting
GBPackersFan36-40, M
It鈥檚 rather fruity especially when seeing a guy do it at a bar

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Anyone else think vaping looks trashy as hell? | Community | Similar Worlds