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When's the last time you've been in a room with a VCR?
41-45, M
47 replies
Apr 10, 2019
ImRileyTheDog18-21, F

Im old
ImRileyTheDog18-21, F
[@10401,11knaves11] Oh yeah I am, I actually did have one when I was younger
11knaves1141-45, M
[@1452,ImRileyTheDog] time flies. Use that shit wisely (time not the VCR)
ImRileyTheDog18-21, F
[@10401,11knaves11] 69 days until I leave馃檨

It does fly, I remember when I will had 200+ days
Every time I walk into my garage, why?
11knaves1141-45, M
[@777164,xixgun] just kinda crossed my mind I likely have seen 1 in over a decade...
1990 something, maybe?
Jimmy201656-60, M
馃...Looks across the room...
Dainbramadge51-55, M
Right now. Got one that turns them into dvd's
11knaves1141-45, M
[@116327,Dainbramadge] that's dope.
latinbutterfly41-45, F
I think it might have been 2003 馃.
11knaves1141-45, M
[@876949,mamabear41] I'm thinking maybe around the same time for me too
latinbutterfly41-45, F
[@10401,11knaves11] My parents bought a VCR/VHS player in 1991, and I think they had it for 10-12 years before buying a DVD player. I think they still had it when I got married and moved out in June 2001.
11knaves1141-45, M
[@876949,mamabear41] it's crazy how you think how essential they use to be now completely obsolete
3 weeks ago in my family's other place in my old bedroom that's stacked with bags
11knaves1141-45, M
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] when's the last time you think you used it?
[@10401,11knaves11] 2008
TheBungler22-25, M
Last Thursday.
11knaves1141-45, M
[@607184,OldGregg] did you use it or just saw it?
What's a VCR? Virtual cuteness reality :p kidding :)

I think my parents had a very old TV with a built in VCR until the last 6 months or so when it finally failed/crashed/broke.
SW User
I was a kid so quite some time ago

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