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I'm not American (yet 馃槈) but I think the Electoral College is an excellent idea and should not be scrapped like some states are trying to do now
With loopholes in the law. Without the electoral college a region with a high population density (high concentration of people) could get to determine who wins an election and that wouldn't be fair to places with larger landmass (but less dense populations) because the winner of the election will not truly represent the will of all the citizens.

Basically the electoral college balances population and geography and makes sure the winner has a fair balance of both.

Even in my country, where the popular vote is used, the winner of the popular vote can't be called the winner of the election unless he/she also wins AT LEAST 25% of the vote in all geopolitical regions (or provinces), and the capital city. Otherwise the person with the next highest popular vote (that also satisfies these conditions) is declared winner.
18-21, M
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Mar 17, 2019
HoraceGreenley51-55, M
You are correct sir.
User4131-35, M
You鈥檒l be an awesome addition to my country.
HoraceGreenley51-55, M
[@646421,User41] Yeah, we could use a lot more like him
User4131-35, M
Without question
Well said!
I wish more "true Americans" by birth were as intelligent about the American political system!
abe18241-45, M
The electoral college is a little bit genius. I'm glad you see it's benefits.
So you advocate that 100 people spread over a large distance should rightly have the same voting power as 200 people grouped closely together?

I mean, there are more issues with the electoral college than just that, but I'd like to know why a rural minority should hold more voting power than an urban majority?
rickfreeman1518-21, M
[@883048,2Buddies] I will be moving to America soon enough, getting my Bachelor's degree very soon馃榿馃榿 and I'll be there
QuixoticSoul31-35, M
[@17857,rickfreeman15] That鈥檚 not how things work in the states. We had a civil war and a secession at some point - and things still weren鈥檛 that solid.

Part of this is that America is relatively monocultural despite what people like to think - and folks chiefly move for economic reasons.
rickfreeman1518-21, M
[@580625,QuixoticSoul] But politics influences the economy too, don't you think? Left wingers would prefer states with higher taxes in exchange for more social programs while right wingers would prefer the opposite. And yes, I've read about the American civil war and it was pretty interesting. I also kind of feel like it applies here- lack of diversity in opinion made it possible for secessionist calls to get strong enough that it led to a war.
QuixoticSoul31-35, M
Why does landmass matter exactly?

Electoral college isn't even really about that. It's more to promote the federation aspect of the US, and to isolate the election a bit from the electorate in case the people vote for someone unsuitable.
rickfreeman1518-21, M
[@580625,QuixoticSoul] because both the geographical borders and population are what make a country
QuixoticSoul31-35, M
[@17857,rickfreeman15] That seems pretty arbitrary.
HoraceGreenley51-55, M
Rick, don't listen to these losers. You are right that the Electoral College is genius.
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