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are we the only species that has the ability to commit suicide?
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Mar 16, 2019
SimplyTracie22-25, F
Maybe but other species eat their young. 馃槚
SimplyTracie22-25, F
[@894913,PeachesGR] Yes, get rid of them creepy creatures. 馃槚
PeachesGR56-60, F
[@10970,SimplyTracie] That's good...I was hoping my answer wouldn't get "booed!" Lol
SimplyTracie22-25, F
[@894913,PeachesGR] I think God made a mistake with the spiders.
Mamapolo201661-69, F
No. Animals seem to do it.
I think elephants do as well
Doomflower31-35, F
I'm pretty sure there are animals that have killed themselves.
Nope, I have heard of quite a few others who do it, too.
Ryanoliver201122-25, M
No bcz any species (assuming they are intelligent enough to make such thoughts) could just jump off of a cliff
Eve201931-35, F
No only humans do it because they are influenced by everyone and thing targeting them
Eve201931-35, F
But certain animals get put down against there will if the tiniest things happen to that can heal...[@876164,annastasia]
deadgerbil18-21, M
I want to say that I heard of dolphins being known to commit suicide, idk tho.
plungesponge36-40, M
I heard some ants will take suicidal actions when infected by a certain parasite that uses their dead body as a way to spread, but for the most part yes, humans are probably the only species that contemplates existence in the way that we do including choosing to die.

One of my favorite authors says that wanting to die is one of the very human desires that separates us from other animals
Mamapolo201661-69, F
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