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When do you dislike dogs?
18-21, F
12 replies
Mar 15, 2019
LvChris36-40, M
Surely that's not a thing. I always like dogs. 馃槆
Never. Like hows that even a possibility?
Ummmm...... never
Never. They worship us. They are the most dependable creature on earth.
User4131-35, M
When they are fat, lazy and useless while barking all day an annoying me.
Lissa31-35, F
[@646421,User41] 馃槀
Caprice36-40, F
When my neighbors dog is barking nonstop at 5:30 in the morning馃槧
bourbon90-99, M
When they pee on the floor. Peee. Peee. Stupid autocorrect
Unquestioned61-69, M
I can't tell you, my dogs sitting right next to me.
reflectingmonkey46-50, M
dogs are like people, they have different personalities, there are a few assholes out there.
RippinKlouds41-45, M
When they're growling and threatening to eat my face. Then, there are the nasty little rat dogs that yap constantly,
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