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How often do you use a curse word?
26-30, M
24 replies
Feb 11, 2019
Too often 馃檴
friendofcookies26-30, M
[@470400,Somewhereovertherainbow] foonk
[@787388,friendofcookies] 馃槀
Pretty often.
Prettycool4u18-21, F
Once in a while
Too often I think haha
friendofcookies26-30, M
[@855786,wackidywack] whackshack
Nd2400231-35, M
A lot..
Morganne31-35, F
Anywhere I can fuckin fit one
friendofcookies26-30, M
[@892793,Morganne] you fuckin did it in this fuckin place too 馃槣
triviaenthusiast51-55, M
[@892793,Morganne] [@892793,Morganne] LOL! :) ;)
triviaenthusiast51-55, M
Every day! :) ;)
PrivatePeeks18-21, F
Rarely. I save it for maximum impact.
triviaenthusiast51-55, M
[@873016,PrivatePeekaboo] Interesting.
JustinTrucker26-30, M
What the f*ck? 馃き
triviaenthusiast51-55, M
[@892831,SethNStone] LOL! :) ;)
MaryJanine61-69, F
More often than is good for me. But I don't use them on "SW" because my dear late mother used to tell me she fed us food - not from the garbage pail. She told me if I want to be well-thought of, I had to clean up my language. And I try - every day.
friendofcookies26-30, M
[@348565,MaryJanine] Thats the best of you.
MaryJanine61-69, F
Thanks for saying so. That tells me I'm headed in the right direction.
friendofcookies26-30, M
[@348565,MaryJanine] you are.

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