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Why are we all ignoring the fact that the world is full of idiots, we should be looking into this .There is something there
18-21, F
14 replies
Jan 14, 2019
4meandyou · F Best Answer
We can't do more than acknowledge that we are aware of it.

No one can control their DNA nor can they control their environment as children, or how they were educated or nurtured.

The simple fact is, more than 80% of all humans are of average or below average intelligence, and then we have to factor in the quality of the education they received, and blend that in with their cultural beliefs, some of which have been in place since the time of ancient man.
As long as they’re nice. You can be stupid or mean, but not both.
Pureblossom · 18-21, F
[@605647,Nothingness] if a person is nice I don't consider them an idiot clearly they are amazing and rare
[@377010,Pureblossom] That is seriously nice. Great way to say that.
LyricalOne · F
If you spend any amount of time here, there’s no way you could ignore that.
Pureblossom · 18-21, F
fck here just go outside for 5 minutes like, or anywhere else online heck even the news[@638129,LyricalOne]
MLovesYou · F
U are intelligent so U should be happy n grateful
Pureblossom · 18-21, F
[@737893,MLovesYou] I think it would be better to be an idiot certainly a lot less painful .
MLovesYou · F
Yes sometimes I am an idiot I do things wrong [@377010,Pureblossom]
xixgun · M
The gene pool is long overdue for a thorough skimming.
Pureblossom · 18-21, F
[@777164,xixgun] how though ? 🤔
4meandyou · F
Thank you for best answer.
MrAverage1965 · 56-60, M
Do you have an answer for this problem? Stop them breading perhaps.
Pureblossom · 18-21, F
[@337769,MrAverage1965] bring back survival of the fittest in a modern way . Anyone who makes assumption , generalizes and what not will just die quick

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