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How loyal and honest are you with people you claim to be your friends?
46 replies
Dec 7, 2017
Gangstress · 36-40, F Best Answer
Really honest hun. I know some may think harsh but I'd rather be a good friend
Zoranna · F
[@467717,Gangstress] I know you would be, never doubted it. 🥂🌸
Gangstress · 36-40, F
[@7002,Zoranna] 🤗🌹
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
Not many if at all see me as a friend.
Zoranna · F
[@622125,Thevy29] Bullshit, there are probably more than you know. 🍺
SW User
Zoranna · F
[@581119,ZenWioness] Never doubted that. 🥂
SW User
[@7002,Zoranna] thank you so much. 🥂
Very much.
Zoranna · F
[@414209,SapphicHeart] I knew you would be. 🌸
Aww. Thank you. *-*
Perry4444 · 51-55, M
You find in life u havnt got many true friends but the ones i consider true friends get all of me. But then even online im honest. No point lying. It.ll only catch u up
Zoranna · F
[@454974,Perry4444] That is so true. Honesty [b][u]IS[/u][/b] always the best. Cheers. 🍻
Perry4444 · 51-55, M
[@7002,Zoranna] I.ll drink to that ☺
Justlilyg · F
Too much... that's why I get stomped on
Justlilyg · F
[@581119,ZenWioness] ha I'll remember that: next time it hurts "you didn't learn the first time, now it'll stick!"
SW User
[@305137,Justlilyg] yup yup! I had to chastise myself a [b]lot![/b]
Zoranna · F
[@305137,Justlilyg] Be a friend, but refuse to be stomped on! 🌸 Thank you ZenWioness, I've just learned her name. Lily is a beautiful name! Be strong Lily.
SW User
I hope a lot
Zoranna · F
[@571337,Literaturegirl] I've tried again, no luck.
Zoranna · F
[@571337,Literaturegirl] Not happening. I've just tried your landline again and getting a message "This number is not in service, please check your number and dial again." Oh well. Hope you feel better soon, it was lovely chatting with you. Goodnight. T. xx
SW User
[@7002,Zoranna] Damn and blast! Both phones not working!!
Good to chat T☺ Night, Sleep well!
Clairessa09 · 26-30
Im a fool. Very honest. I always gv my 100% to people who i know deep down dont like me
Clairessa09 · 26-30
[@7002,Zoranna] now i hav no friends bcos of that..i was used alot by friends.
Zoranna · F
[@525891,Clairessa09] So sorry to hear that. :-(
Clairessa09 · 26-30
[@7002,Zoranna] its alright. The worst part is that even tho they did me wrong they madeb it seem that it was me.
Oleandro · 26-30, C
First I earn their trust. Then after some good memories I hook them in. Then I crush their little dreams and betray them.
Gaiia · F
I try to be as much as I can.

No point in being friends if one isn't honest and loyal...
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