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Will u label me as a real girl
Yes if u say ur a girl then ur a girl
No u still a boy too me
Yes a trans girl not real one
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22-25, T
19 replies
Sep 25, 2017
thealsatian36-40, M
I try not to label people 馃槉
SW User
If you identify as a female then you are a female. vice versa.
Qwerty1426-30, M
[@512599,TheTinMan] No you can identify as a girl/woman/feminine etc but a female is a biological term you can't choose
nicedave36-40, M
You are who you want to be
Nunos5051-55, M
Gender is a social concept and one that simply you can self align with. So yes you say you're a girl you're a girl
[c=#003BB2]I dunno to say yes or no...I'm a bit confuse with trans genders... [/c]
SW User
Whatever is between your legs when you're born decides that. Not me.
Allelse26-30, M
If you want to be known as a chick then you're a chick to me.
unknownpoetx31-35, M
you can't change your DNA. you will always be a boy.
unknownpoetx31-35, M
you must be a special kind of retard. I don't discuss the facts. you can't change your dna. period. now go away and cut your dick. bye.
Nunos5051-55, M
[@1059,unknownpoetx] thanks for the balanced rational argument.
I hope your path to enlightenment widens in the future.
unknownpoetx31-35, M
[@14688,Nunos50] go back to school and learn biology. now stop stalking me you creep
5thApprentice26-30, M
No. That would be a lie and I would be disrespecting women.
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