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I Am Kind to Everyone

I don't care if you are the delivery person, or a long time friend, an enemy, a customer... I treat everyone with kindness. I see this as the only true way to learn about people. It takes time. Patience. Maturity. I just keep on being nice. The people that are good, the people that I want in my life are the ones who don't just take. They never force themselves, we simply know the score never needs to be even, we always play fair. The people that never even send you the warm fuzzies in return, the ones that take and take and laugh at you while you scramble to do above and beyond for them, they still get my kindness. I do the kindest possible thing 94% of the time and I feel good about that no matter what. I never have to feel guilty or embarrassed when someone does something for me. If a problem comes up, most anyone will speak up for me, cover me, help me out. I don't have to rely on much but myself, the rest- life picks up because of the life I've built. Not to say I have no enemies. I have not always been a good girl. I've learned the hard way. Kindness is the way.
MsMontgomery · 51-55, F
That’s great... I was especially glad to see that you added at the end that you’ve not always been nice. I suppose I’m old school in that we don’t toot our own horn much.... as in, if someone says ‘I’m your friend’ I tend to go the other direction... I go by what I see not what I’m told.
wickey · 70-79, M
Take care of to whom you are being kind and helpful as it could be taken for a weakness and exploited by some moron.
StokedFox · 36-40, F
@wickey no one can exploit me. I give my kindness and love without expectation
I'd never be that way, but I respect that. It's amazing.
It truly is...

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I Am Kind to Everyone
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