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I Believe In Corporal Punishment

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I was intrigued by pictures today of a young woman receiving a public caning in Indonesia. Leaving aside the bizarre nature of the "offence" for which she was being punished, it seemed that she was caned on her back. Surely that is cruel and dangerous. The place for the cane is the bottom.
61-69, M
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erik2000 · 18-21, M
It must really hurt on the back. I get caned on my bottom and legs.
dunpender · 80-89, M
Caning anyone on any part of the anatomy is only done by primitive saavages
karinaal · 61-69, F
In some countries/societies any possible kind of punishment/justice is primitive and savage, Fines are not a possible choice because people are too poor and even a short time in prison can be far more damaging - physically and mentally - than a caning.
But I agree that the use of a cane on the back instead of on the fleshy parts of the body (buttocks and upper thighs) can cause serious injuries.
dunpender · 80-89, M
Any format of caning is disgusting. Anyone found caning a child in Europe would end uproduct in jail
karinaal · 61-69, F
I understand that you are against judicial CP and you ae entitled to your opinion. If I share it or not is not important in this discussion.
What I say is simply that there are countries/societies in this world where just a week in a prison would be a much more cruel punishment than a caning. Especially for a woman the risk of being raped and also in other ways being abused and for that matter catching serious diseases in a prison is in many countries overwhelming.
If I had the choice between a caning or a month in a prison in for instance Pakistan then my choice probably would be the caning - as the least of two evils.
Everything - also canings - must be seen in connection with the possible alternatives.
Aprism · F
What's the picture?
MartinII · 61-69, M
A picture, in today's English newspapers, of a young woman, 20 I think, being caned in a public place in Indonesia for being seen too close to her boyfriend in public.
Sharon · F
Why all the fuss? The situation is far worse in Singapore where victims are permanently scarred or mained by caning. Perhaps it's because in Singapore the only victims are men.
It's degrading, humiliating, and injurious to both body and mind. I imagine it would cause resentment to fester in an individual undergoing such a barbaric ritual.
MartinII · 61-69, M
I don't agree that the ritual is barbaric. I would have thought that a moderate, properly applied caning was less barbaric than six months in a disgusting prison, for example. (I don't, of course, think that any punishment was appropriate in the case to which my post related.)
newstepdad · 41-45, M
yes on the buttocks

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I Believe In Corporal Punishment
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