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Spirituality & Religion

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i wonder how the world will be if there was no religion?
better i think..
22-25, M
24 replies
Nov 20, 2016
dirtydaddee · 61-69, M
then there would be class distinction
and the ultimate religion - patriotism
sosmall2andahalf · 22-25, M
dirtydaddee · 61-69, M
just a theory mind you - but I have in mind the soviet union in it's power

it stamped out as much religion as it could and made "the state" the ultimate
See all the riots and shit going on in the street in America today? Do you think they're religious?
@sosmall2andahalf: That's not religion, that's barbarism.
sosmall2andahalf · 22-25, M
@DominanceMaster: in the name of religion
@sosmall2andahalf: ISIS uses religion as an excuse, yet all surrounding countries condemn it. Because it's not religion. No religious book on the planet teaches or instructs what they are doing.
BlueMetalChick · 22-25, F
Probably better, yes, although despite all the destruction and misery that religion has caused throughout history, people sometimes overlook the fact that human nature would have found a different reason to murder, rape, kidnap, plunder, and cause wars if there was no religion.
sosmall2andahalf · 22-25, M
there will still be the law
An increase in suicide rates around the world. I hate religion. But it is necessary.
Cinderella · 41-45, F
Some people need religion to keep their boundaries in check answering to a higher power keeps them from doing things that are bad for themselves and others. So it's good for some. But it's a personal choice. Don't push it on to others, I say if it's so great people will see how you live and want what you got you don't have to force your view on others. Js personal opinion
sosmall2andahalf · 22-25, M
i like how u think..
Take a look at China from the50s-80s
TheWitness · 31-35, F
"Religious" is a mindset.
SW User
Nothing would change. Ignorant humans would always pick up on any differences and take them as an excuse to fight. Race, color, politics etc
sosmall2andahalf · 22-25, M
thats quite possible
That is absolutely correct
Goralski · 51-55, M
North Korea
California....oh wait they worship themselves never mind

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