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Do u believe that people or human beings have souls ?
Note: This question is inspired by a song called a "The Question Is", by the Winans.
A great and powerful song. You better get it right SW.

Now with that being said, how many of you think humans have souls.
How many of you believe this ? Raise your hands.
If so, then why do you believe that we do.
If not, then explain who you do not believe.
Simple. Lets go.
36-40, M
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SW User
I think there is more than just this physical body, yes.
Tennessee · 46-50, F
do Tennesseans have souls?
Zonuss · 36-40, M
@Tennessee: I know this one girl from Tennessee. 🙂
Zonuss · 36-40, M
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
I believe that our personality is the soul. No one has established what it is that we perceive to be our "conscious", I believe that is something that God has given us. I do not know if it is within our body or if it's something more than our physical form, but again no one does.
Zonuss · 36-40, M
What about the light that comes out of us in the afterlife.
thinkincubes · 36-40, M
I want to believe
thinkincubes · 36-40, M
I'm sure that if I somehow convince myself that all of this is real, I will start to see magical patterns appear. But that only proves that the brain is a powerful thing, not the existence of God.
Zonuss · 36-40, M
@TragicMonkey: Not your brain. You will see the universe, which is God, perform miracles in your life. You will see it in dreams and visions. God will send people your way to create your path in life.
thinkincubes · 36-40, M
do you believe you are one of these people?
Invisible · 22-25, M
That depends on how you define a soul
Invisible · 22-25, M
Well, I think that what defines a person is how their mind is organized. The brain itself isn't important, but the organization is what gives someone personality and makes them who they are. If I had to call something a soul, that would be it, but I know a lot of people would be dissatisfied because as far as we know, this soul wouldn't be able to transcend death.
Invisible · 22-25, M
@MartinTheFirst: Sounds like you believe something similar
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
@Invisible: Yes I believe that too. The things that makes up personality. I don't believe it will transcend death either.
Tennessee · 46-50, F
yes all except Tennesseans
Fantabulous · 41-45, F
Most definitely...if you ever feel that connection with someone immediately, like you've known them forever...I believe it's because our souls have known eachother in previous lifetimes. You just need to recognise the synchronicity in your lives to know that you have to be connected in a greater way.
Zonuss · 36-40, M
Thank you.
puck61 · 56-60, M
We have 'reason' and energy. Soul is as good a word as any.

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