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What do we have to do for God to hear and anwer our prayers?
Have you had your prayers answered? If so please share!馃尫

I believe you have to be born again, and put God first in money and time.

[b]"Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, says the LORD Almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it."

-to demonstrate how God has blessed me when I tithe: Here is a story for you. I was young and my husband left me and moved in with a girl down the street. I was young with two small kids and I cried out to God what can I do to be blessed.

And he showed me the verse in Malachi to tithe, so I gave 10% of my $400 I was making a month at the time. My rent was $550 so I did it on faith because I was going to be super short on rent.

Then a day or so before my rent was due, a lady knocked on my door and said. "I have a gift for you, $22.000 because you gave me a few rides last year to a nursing home." She said "My friend died and he gave me his money in his will, but I don't need it, because I am a millionaire." I could pay my rent. Praise God. He has promised "my own, will never beg for bread!"

Another answered prayer was when I was late for work when I was young and drove very fast 80 miles an hour onto a 5 lane freeway packed of cars and had to slam on my brakes because the traffic came to a stop. I couldn't get into the next lane because there was a big truck there so I and went spinning around 3 times and yelled "Please don't make me hit anyone God" and my car stopped miraculously exactly parallel less than an inch from the cement divider. The whole freeway stopped for me. I still can't figure how my car didn't hit anyone!

Another miracle is when I was working for a company and the boss had a problem with me. He had asked me to do something I thought was unethical and I refused, and he asked me to leave. I called a man who had asked me to work with his company on a contract basis a year ago, but he said absolutely, but he had to wait for a go ahead from the landlord to give me an office there. So I went home to just pray and wait and read my Bible. Well I waited and read for 10 hrs a day for a few months, not applying anywhere else because God told me in my heart not to worry. So he finally called and I moved in to the new office and worked with this company. After a month I had $20 in my account and my rent was due. I told the secretary that I couldn't pay my rent at 5 pm probably, but she said its only 10 am, and the rent is not due until 5 pm so don't worry because we had all prayed at the staff meeting. So I went back in my office. At 3 pm a man called and said that he wanted an appointment. I gave him one at 4 pm, and he came. He said I like you and I want to pay for the next few months for my teens to come to you and he gave me a few thousand dollars at 4:50 pm and I could pay my rent at 5pm. That year God increased my pay from $3000 to over $8000 a month. For some its not much but for me it was a lot!
56-60, F
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May 12, 2019
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Entwistle51-55, M
God seems to be deaf to the prayers of the 1000s of men women and kids who starve to death every day. Imagine having the power to help millions and choosing not to use it.
satanburger31-35, F
[@589276,Entwistle] I was just going to mention that but glad someone else did.
Pfuzylogic56-60, M
[@589276,Entwistle] [@394395,satanburger]
Don鈥檛 parlay your Faith on the consequence of other people.

You take responsibility for your own decision when presented with the truth of the Word.
Entwistle51-55, M
[@3118,Pfuzylogic] Why doesn't God help these people?
satanburger31-35, F
[@3118,Pfuzylogic] It's simply an observation that a lot people starve to death every single day while white suburban women seemingly have their prayers answered.

But I already know the answer "the lord works in mysterious ways" as basically saying "we don't know" and that's fine but saying it's faith isn't very accurate because it really doesn't explain anything.
CopperCicada51-55, M
[@394395,satanburger] It used to be when a kid was kidnapped, fucked, murdered, and thrown in a dumpster on fire that the explanation was that "God has a plan we can't understand".

That was when I came up and generations before. My parents and grandparents.

Now you ask the same thing and get all sorts of fucked up answers. The kid was punished for sin. Or for the sins of others. Because of feminists, queers, atheists. Or you're told to shut the fuck up and worry about your own. Your salvation. Your family. Ask the question every one has asked since the beginning and you are an apostate.
Pfuzylogic56-60, M
How do you speak to someone that has faced the facts that have changed and still believe in them.
We know less than 1% of the physical universe and yet you defend really old models of science. All of those fairy tales are buried with your hero hawking.
CopperCicada51-55, M
[@3118,Pfuzylogic] I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about to be honest.
Entwistle51-55, M
[@3118,Pfuzylogic] You mentioning fairy tales. LMAO!
Pfuzylogic56-60, M
That doesn鈥檛 surprise me.
Pfuzylogic56-60, M
As a current nonbeliever it doesn鈥檛 surprise me that what I share doesn鈥檛 connect at all. You really have no idea what reality is based on.

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