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I Have Never Had A Relationship

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I'm 25 years old (almost 26) and I technically haven't had a relationship, you know, ignoring the bf/gf thing you have when you're like 7 and whatever you or in this case I, did back then.
And in all honesty, I'm not entirely sure why. I know for a fact that 1 reason is because I don't actively look for one but other than that, I've got no clue.
Maybe I'm just oblivious or maybe my standards are too high, which would be strange considering.
I always thought that this is something that just happens at random, not something you should go out hunting for.
But going by that logic, I think I might be one of those "forever alone" people.
I'm not that against it but sometimes it can feel like you need someone, even if just for a cuddle.
26-30, T
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May 1, 2019
glori · 51-55, M
it not unusual for people who are 25 not to have had a relationship yet,high standards are good, find aman you admire and create a relationship
PurpleStar · 26-30, T
[@337574,kuminme] I honestly am hoping that aman is like short for amanda or something XD
A man you admire ... that's gonna be a tough one right there. Might not be impossible but tough nonetheless.

oooh, better one ... Amon. For some reason I like that name :D
LysanderFremont · 31-35, M
"Whether you think you can or can't, you are right." Just do you, boo. As long as you are not hurting nobody, no one is hurting you, and you are working to be the best human being possible, hey. It will happen when it does.
Ignore the wishy washy fence sitters, get out there and make it happen. You’re only young once, seize the day or regret it bitterly when you’re older.
PurpleStar · 26-30, T
[@898702,Bertie] if you really don't understand why I brought up what I did... then I definitely understand why your thought process is so simply aboriginal. And so there's little more conversation for us to have. Unless you want to go out hunting together, I'm probably still somewhat decent with a bow.
[@918772,PurpleStar] aboriginal?!🧐😳. Good luck , enjoy your life 🙏
PurpleStar · 26-30, T
[@898702,Bertie] Not entirely the word I was typing/thinking of (was on the phone, tends to have a mind of its own). But it kind of works perfectly XD
Notanymore · 36-40, M
Bite the bullet go online....find a dating site and take a few swings.....have a little fun..... take some got this
PurpleStar · 26-30, T
[@519030,Notanymore] I'm not sure my antennas work correctly. I mean, they have been standing still for the past +20 years. And unless they're as obvious as that 1 girl in school when I was like 10, I'm not sure if I'll pick up anything. Back then, I thought she was annoying as shit but right now, I wish all girls/guys were as obvious as her.
Also go out to where ...? I mean, walking aimlessly in a shopping center or something isn't really my idea of having a good time. I don't like parties, bars, etc and definitely don't want to find someone who does. Especially since, I'm not a child anymore. I'm too old for that shit.

Hmmm, maybe I am the problem O.O
Notanymore · 36-40, M
[@918772,PurpleStar] if you're too old for a bar..... I'm a list cause... Anyway....go to the gym....the hiking trails.... concerts.... it's summertime..... people are out. If you can't pick up any signals you may have to just introduce yourself at random. Be a gentleman. Be sincere. What do you have to lose?
PurpleStar · 26-30, T
[@519030,Notanymore] I'm always a gentleman, I'm also always "sincere", nice in general. I never really expect anything in return tho ... except like a thank you.
Go to the gym ... hiking trails ... I don't live in the US and while I have no real issue with age, I'd rather stay within my age group and not go to +50 (yet). That's about 90% of people in the gym and on hiking trails here.
Concerts ... <- same thing as bars, parties, etc. Maybe it's where I live but my age group doesn't really go out. Aside from the kids going out drinking and shit.

Aside from that, while I never really thought about it, I meet a lot of people. I go out on my bike often, go shopping, get groceries, so on and so forth and I talk to a lot of people, really easily. Maybe I need a sign to hold, spin around and stuff.
Maybe I am just, as I said, oblivious to the whole signal thing. Can't people be straight forward? I mean, I know that if I'd be, I'd probably be on several lists ... but not the ones you want to be on XD

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I Have Never Had A Relationship
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