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I Am Unnoticed

I’m falling apart in front of everyone, yet no one seems to notice.💔
Sweet517 · 51-55, F
I’m sorry you’re falling apart sweetie ❤️ Here’s a hug. As far as people noticing, I think whomever you want to notice might be missing the signs. I know I have gone through depressions lasting over a year and told no one. I just kept working, raising my kids and acting as normal as I could considering I was getting practically no sleep
I learned very early in life that only I can heal myself. Friends are great to have along on the journey but they hold no magical powers to heal you
Is it really important that you have to be noticed?
Lost1 · F
Did you really have to comment under my post sir. @SW-User
This message was deleted by its author.
xRedx · M
Damn I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully they won't forget about you
I'm noticing. And I empathize.
Lost1 · F
Thank you❤️
@Lost1 You're welcome. ❤️🌹
[center][big][i][c=#4C0073]I'm Falling Apart..
Montanaman · M
I see you.🤗

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