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Are we entering a new political era in the West?
Liberalism is in crisis. By liberalism I don't necessarily mean the word that most Americans use to describe the political left. I mean classical-liberalism (or perhaps neo-liberalism). The doctrine of free-markets and open borders which has been the dominant political trend of most mainstream parties throughout the west since the 1980s.

Since the 2007/08 financial crisis, it is clear to most that the current model has not been working. Reaction has come from the left and the right. From the left we have had; Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, Podemos, Syriza, De Linke and others all do much better than 'socialists' would ever dream of in say the 1990s. From the nationalist right we have seen UKIP and Brexit in my native land as well as many international variants. Including - of course - some rich bloke who once did a TV show who has orange skin and a stick-on quiff.

The centre is collapsing and it is being swallowed from both ends. The nationalist right in particular is in the ascendancy. Where will this end?
36-40, M
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Nov 19, 2016
DanielChristensen · 41-45, M
Well elucidated, but you know how it goes, the pendulum swings back and forth, until the whole apparatus comes crashing down.
Burnley123 · 36-40, M
To me this seems like a softer and longer version of the 1930s with the political fragmentation. I am not sure its a pendulum swing and it seems like we have entered a period of definite change.
DanielChristensen · 41-45, M
Perhaps. Time will tell. This woman I know is fond of saying, The change is perpetual.
ironsides · 18-21, M
I think it's because classical liberalism has roots in both modern parties. For example, Republicans support a free market and laissez-faire while Democrats are the ones who want open borders and that's causing the rift
Burnley123 · 36-40, M
I agree, though I also think there is a bi-bartisan centre in the establishment of both.
ironsides · 18-21, M
@Burnley123: another thing now is parties are becoming less and less bi-partisan. It shouldn't be that big of a deal when a Republican votes against his party in congress but the fact is that it is a big deal because it's a rarity
amethyst1 · 31-35, F
I've noticed we do seem to be entering a new 'era'/phase...but I'm not sure what will happen. Also people are very divided and harsh. I'd like to think that ..we won't all become more separate in the end because we need to work together for the world good.
adshaw · 31-35, M
I believe that we are indeed in a new era. Liberalism, globalism, socialism, terrorism have all impacted on the people and it has come to a head. People want freedom of identity, to express themselves as their people not just as one individual, or worse 'consumer', in a blob of vaguely defined individuals within a cookie-cutter state.
TexChik · 36-40, F
The pendulum has swung back to Nationalism thanks to radical Islamic terrorism ... Libs are ill equipped to deal with reality
SW User
I'm glad I don't have kids is all I'm saying.
SW User
I think the West is grappling with the new world order and it's economics. An ageing work force, multiculturalism, free market economics where it's position of bargaining is deteriorating, technology advance where it's no longer a leader etc.
Unfortunately protectionism and nationalism will only worsen it. For the rest of the developing world there are various options for manufacturing, trade and technology other than the West now.
Cierzo · 46-50, M
I don't see any reaction from the left. A reaction would be a return of classic communism. Those parties and people you name support multiculturalism and progressivism, the social side of liberalism. Have you heard some big chief of any corporation ever complaining about immigration? The time for open borders must end.
Burnley123 · 36-40, M
The parties I mention are to the left of the status quo because they support different economic solutions as well as not being anti immigration.
laotzu92 · 61-69, M
I do not believe classical liberalism (not the leftism using the "liberal" today) supported open borders. National sovereignty was part of it.
We need the academics who came of age in the 60s to die off and perhaps we'll get more sensible policies in the US and elsewhere.
SW User
Classical liberalism has always relied on a reasonably informed populace, the expectation of social mobility based on merit and the perception that markets may not be equal but are more or less fair. These have all been imperfectly realized factors at best, but these days it seems like all three are at a nadir not really seen since the gilded age. Ironically, the party that has been swept into power in the US has been one of the biggest proponents of policies and practices that have eroded these phenomena over the last few decades (though they are not the sole guilty party), so I imagine we are in for a spell of things getting far worse before they get better. It seems like bad things have to happen in order to snap populations back into the kind of civic mindedness and critical thinking necessary to maintain liberal democracies, hopefully this time around the damage won't be too bad before people get a clue, the parallels to the 1930's should give any observer serious concerns.

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