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Who do you think Q is

Why do the Trumpfans believe Q. Why do they believe every new conspiracy no matter how bizarre? Why did it only take minutes for them to adapt from Trump will be reinstated to Trump will be House leader?
Why would the POTUS want to be House Leader? How can they believe both?
Where's Sporty to answer this question?
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Trustyles · 26-30, M
Its easy to believe in conspiracy theories when the government has been caught lying over and over again.
[@859250,Trustyles] The Republicans are in a position now where they know they don't have to tell the truth. The base doesn't need the truth they need sensationalism, the bigger the lie the better, the more crazy the better, they need an idol.
Trustyles · 26-30, M
[@619287,Jwalker] Yup they said the same thing when democrats spent 4 years talking about russian meddling. Its a pattern.
[@859250,Trustyles] Colluding with Russia was proven in the Mueller Report but Barr covered it up.
Q is a terrorist and has committed crimes against humanity.
Viper · 31-35, M
Yeah, I don't get why anyone follows Q... they're anti government, but Q claims to be part of the government...

But is there even a Q person? Or just cloak and dagger mystery behind the door BS?

Anyways, the Qs have been proven wrong time and time again... can we go back to semi-sane conspiracies?
[@800884,Viper] Q is Jim Watkins and his son Ron. Look it up.
GrinNude · 61-69, C
Crazywaterspring · 56-60, M
Republican philosophy.
MethDozer · M
John Titor
Spotpot · 41-45, M
There is nothing sporty when it comes to Trump.
[@1206109,Spotpot] Right, it's kinda like setting someones house on fire. It doesn't matter at this point if that person is in the Republican Party or not. Just look at what happened to Pence. Then the Republican Base comes out to watch the house burn. It's fun until one day it's your house.
HatterM · 46-50, M
Some freak X Files fans who are laughing every time they put new bullshit out there because people are taking them seriously?
[@1044765,HatterM] Some 8chan administrator.
Carla · 61-69, F
The thing is, who q is, isnt important.
The idea that a multitude of people choose to believe it all is what is screwy.
Why? Because there has to be a reason why their world is changing. There must be terrible /hideous reasons why the things that bruise their collective sensibilities are no longer left to the shadows.
They think that progression is a way to leave them behind.
And they will twist themselves in knots to justify their endless hypocrisies.
Oh, and to make themselves feel better about themselves, they call their frantic grasping at these far fetched theories, thinking for themselves. They will tell you that you are brainwashed by msm, while robotically regurgitating talking points they get from...alt right msm.
As far as the last potus...he will say anything to prolong his relevance. His cult has always believed everything he says. That wont change. Not anytime soon.

Sporto will tell you that it's all bullschiff and it's all spelled out in the constitution.
But only he knows how to interpret it.
[@548295,Carla] The Republican base are poor, disenfranchised people. They have been voting against their own self interests for decades. Trump knew there were millions of racists that could be tapped for votes, combine that with the Catholic Church, which has become a tax free voting block and he didn't need the independents anymore. These people don't need the truth, they need an idol. Trump has called himself The Chosen One.
These are the same people who voted for any Republican that said they would repeal Roe Vs Wade for 40 years. Every election for 40 years and they got nothing. They voted against every Politician that wanted progress. They voted for the same election promise for 40 years.
Carla · 61-69, F
Yes,[@619287,Jwalker]...all of that.
When my mother was alive, she called cult members and religious zealots, weak minded. People that need guidance from something or someone that they see as powerful, so they can also feel powerful and not so insignificant.
We are all insignificant. Some folks just cant come to terms with that.

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