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I know some are tired hearing about Donald and Hillary,
But I guess i missed something. Is Hillary really a murder?馃槙 Who did she kill?
+ 3 21 replies 37 views Nov 1, 2016 |
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
I did not hear about that.
Vince Foster. Or so the story goes ...
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
Well it was supposedly a suicide
@HoraceGreenley: yeah, if you believe the mainstream media ...
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
@WoodyAq: believe me it is very suspicious
MsAnnThropy36-40, F
Clemency36-40, F
No one.
questionWeaver56-60, M
Starting a good rumor ... nice!
questionWeaver56-60, M
@EastAfricanQueen: East ... the Bengazi situation was not handled well ... as a result some believe Hillary's lack of action was a callous disregard, which led to the ambush of our ambassador.

It is like a failure to render assistance claim.

It is a bit of a reach to say she murdered someone ... but, people were lost on her watch.
@questionWeaver: I plan on not researching anything about her. I just thought that it was weird that if it was true (im not saying it is and im not saying its not) She is able to get a way with murder, but i couldnt...i mean, oops :P
SensualFreeSpirit51-55, F

So I apologize, I rushed to judgement in thinking the Clintons had ALL of these people killed, BUT I still find it VERY suspicious that all of these people die around the Clintons.

Either the Universe is telling them something, they pick very dysfunctional people to be around, OR they did have something to do with several of the deaths.

As for her character, she is known for not just being bitchy, but being a total BITCH who is emotionally unstable in how she acts.

If you want to believe that she's not b/c she did a good job at playing to the camera, that's your choice.

People love being in denial & not looking at all the facts, especially people who believe everything they see & read & hear on TV & with their corrupt government. No one can open your eyes to the truth but yourself.

For anyone who actually cares about the truth, you can read the links below. - book from secret service (if you are thinking about voting for Hillary, I beg you to read this book first or at the very least, read the 5 star reviews)
SensualFreeSpirit51-55, F
Yes, supposedly there's around 10 (I think) people that have died who knew the Clintons & were close to them. You should read the book. I can't remember who wrote it. I haven't read it as I won't waste my time on Hilary. I never trusted her & she's in bed with the BIG corporations who have ruined the US based on Greed.

I think Foster was the one who was supposed to testify against her or them. Any time there's a suicide or car accident in around when someone is about to testify against someone very powerful, you can almost guarantee it's a murder cover up.

You should also read the book by one of their ex secret service guys. He just talks about what it was like to serve under them.

He said she was beyond a bitch behind the scenes & of course when the cameras are on she does a 180 & is all smiles.

He felt since she is so emotionally unstable that he had to tell the truth b/c of the position she would hold.

He liked Bill though. He did say he slept with many, not just Monica & yes Hillary knew all about it. That doesn't matter to me, but a bi polar person or emotionally unstable person being in power is VERY dangerous.

Their marriage isn't a real marriage based on love, I figured that out years ago.
SensualFreeSpirit51-55, F
This is why I don't believe in gov't.

People need to wake up & STOP allowing them to control us.
Clemency36-40, F
@SensualFreeSpirit: I'm sorry. Your original answer is ludicrous.
SensualFreeSpirit51-55, F
@Clemency: Not a problem dear, most people in denial can't accept the truth, & when it's spoken put the person saying it down.

You continue to live in your perfect little world dear.

No, she didn't kill anyone, at least not that I know of, but there have been a lot of people who have died mysteriously around those two. Like the close friend who was scheduled to testify against them and killed himself by shooting himself in the back of his own head. Arkansas days.
Clemency36-40, F
you betcha

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