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The real reason Trump wants church gatherings to resume is his campaign is broke.
The trump campaign is broke. His approval is low.
FALSE PREACHERS of god have been loosing money of this pandemic. The same FALSE TEACHERS that provide an indirect propaganda medium for the GOP.

Most churches have adapted to this pandemic and continue to serve their communities with social distancing while the Pat Robertson's and Joal Osteens are loosing money.
36-40, M
7 replies
May 23, 2020
sillyfire · 41-45, F
He is hoping they will pray for divine intervention for the election.
AnneHoney · 36-40, F
None of that is true. In fact he has raised almost 30% more than Biden and is running 97% among Repubs about 10% higher than 4 years ago and leads Biden in 15 of 17 swing states. He trailed Hillary in 14 of 17 4 years ago. Right now the main concern of the Trump re-election campaign is over confidence. Also Trump running against no one had more voters show up in almost all primary states than all Dem candidates together. That has never happened before that an unopposed incumbent outdrew the opposition.

The numbers are so bad for Biden, plus his dementia gaffs have hurt his fund raising drastically. Hillary out raised Trump by large amount and out spent him by about 40% yet lost.
Northwest · M
I don't know if they're going broke, but one thing for sure: if the flock cannot show up to "church", where they can be appropriately fleeced, then the leadership will have less money to contribute to Trump's campaign.
AnneHoney · 36-40, F
Just so you sound a little less ignorant in the future, Pat Robertson who graduated the top of his class at Yale Law school is now 90 years old and has not run a ministry in many years. So saying he is losing money shows you are totally full of shit.
Quetzalcoatlus · 41-45, M
Can’t tithe if you don’t have any money.
WalksWith · 51-55, F
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
[quote]while the Pat Robertson's and Joal Osteens are loosing money.[/quote]

Should they even have money?

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