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Outing your top anti Russian corruption and racketeering agent might be seen as reckless right?
But that is what Trump is planning to do this week. Bruce Ohr who is the above is going to have his work declassified. Why? Because he had Carter Page investigated about his links to three Russian spies. One of those spies has since been imprisoned, and Carter Page was (inexplicably at first sight) recruited to the Trump campaign. The only apparent reason were his links to Russian oligarchs and spies.

Now; Who would be cheering if the top Russian organised crime expert in the DoJ (Been there 30 years) had all his past revealed for all to read? His name begins with P and ends in n.

While he's about it, maybe Trump will reveal all agents who are investigating terrorism? And what and how they do what they do? Think ISIS might be grateful for that candid gesture?

Anyone still under the delusion Trump isn't a self serving traitor?馃槖
56-60, M
25 replies
Sep 10, 2018
Steve4251-55, M
You speak of company men. Men for the company even to their own detriment. And by men I mean any gender you identify with. And by company, I include the unemployed. Oh and also they people who still don't accept the confederates lost.
windinhishair61-69, M
[@1158,Jackjjacksonjr] Your readers? You mean people that come across your stuff while reading others?
The fact that my questions are invariably hearted and yours are not is verification. Sorry if that hurts your feelings. If you heart your own we will all know it 馃榾 [@339454,windinhishair]
windinhishair61-69, M
[@1158,Jackjjacksonjr] Even that is false. But never let facts get in your way.
here we go again. wouldnt matter if trump gave you a golden castle and solved world hunger. youd still tantrum and spit the dummy.
You must be reading and watching the news to be saying things like this.

The people you speak of have been told not to do such things, and so, they're likely immune to your crafty wiles.

Or... Maybe they blocked you.

This is the same guy Trump wanted the DOJ to fire awhile back, right?

So he's doing the Libby routine on him now?
You might get more engaged replies if you wrote coherently, instead of this mishmash of inexplicable and unrelated farts.
Trump is no more a self serving traitor than you are an an instigator and seditionist.
Feel better?
HerKing56-60, M
[@5932,Abrienda][quote] because he is a True Believer, the sort who followed J. Stalin or Jim Jones.[/quote]

I'm not, but does that mean you're a stooge for Putin? It appears you are.
[@5932,Abrienda] Um, no. I think HerBert called TRUMP a traitor (when it was Obama that made the open mic comment to which you refer)

(I may be confused by your comment. Sorry)
HerKing56-60, M
[@777164,xixgun] Trump is a traitor. Of that there is no doubt.
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