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Goldfish brain.
“She's a badly failing presidential candidate” “I heard it today that she doesn’t meet the requirements.” "She's extraordinarily nasty, she's so mean." Retweeted posts calling Kamala Harris 'camel laugh' on Frid...
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+ 1 3 replies 13 views 13 mins ago |
Am I a genius or what?
I think that all incarcerated people and undocumented immigrants in the United States should be sent to California!
18-21, M
+ 1 4 replies 9 views 17 hrs ago |
I am an Illegal Immigrant
That's all.
+ 0 11 replies 32 views 19 hrs ago |
This is how stupid you sound, Stephen Miller
"They want to make every city unlivable, with rampant homelessness, public drug use, violent street crime." Okay. Beause why? We want to be homeless? We enjoy addicts on the streets? We're super-stoked about awesome violence? Think ...
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+ 11 4 replies 26 views 20 hrs ago |
Elite pedophiles watch out!
The dumbest people I went to high school with are on your tail.
36-40, M
+ 12 3 replies 30 views 20 hrs ago |
Should the cleaning up of LA, San Francisco and New York be the first thing on President Trump's agenda when he is reelected in November ? ?
+ 2 80 replies 99 views 22 hrs ago |
Trump In Line To Receive The Nobel Peace Prize?
Well, that might be expecting too much - but he and Netanyahu probably SHOULD be nominated. Odd isn't it, that big news like this isn't in the headlines? Now we’re talking the Art of the Deal! While it is not unusual in political circles...
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70-79, M
+ 2 22 replies 57 views 1 day ago |
Had to laugh at a Democrat commentator tonight who scoffed and said,
"Hey, I know you have your talking points, but absolutely NO ONE believes that Joe Biden is a radical."
+ 1 1 reply 11 views 1 day ago |
Why is President Donald Trump deliberately screwing up the Postal Service?
Especially with the election coming up. What a LOSER!
56-60, M
+ 18 277 replies 315 views 1 day ago |
what does this payroll tax cut that trump is going to do mean?
+ 0 3 replies 14 views 1 day ago |
How is a senate different from the House of representatives?
Do you have the exact numbers too?
31-35, M
+ 0 4 replies 11 views 1 day ago |
I love Tonald Drump.
As any loser claims cheating when they lose in the race, as early as now he's saying the coming election will be a big fraud.😳
+ 5 14 replies 36 views 1 day ago |
And Trump likes those old lines
Seriously Folks.. I would suggest he gets new writers.. But the few supporters he has left will believe anything. And thats all he is playing to.😷
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61-69, M
+ 8 9 replies 39 views 1 day ago |
Riden with Biden...
61-69, F
+ 7 18 replies 75 views 1 day ago |
Am I the only one who thinks Steve-o would make a great president?
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He duct-taped himself to a billboard today.
+ 2 6 replies 15 views 2 days ago |
One thing I don't quite understand about the protests..
The BLM organizer Ariel Atkins and the politician Kim Foxx said it is reparations to loot during the peaceful protests, and you know that is a totally fair point, and we'll hopefully never have to hear about reparations ever again after the prot...
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+ 0 24 replies 37 views 2 days ago |
So Trump just interfered with politics in the Middle East today between Isreal and the United Aram Emirates.
What are your thoughts on this?
+ 0 17 replies 35 views 2 days ago |
I guess blm and their comrades have justification for this too
+ 1 17 replies 48 views 2 days ago |
Veterans Affairs Under Fire For Spending Over $8 Million in Taxpayer Money on Horrific Cat Experiments for Medical Research
Because this should stop. A recent investigation from a taxpayer watchdog group, White Coat Waste Project, has revealed that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is torturing and killing kittens in secretive experiments. Documents obtained throu...
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+ 4 4 replies 19 views 2 days ago |
Florida sheriff bans deputies and visitors from wearing face masks
This is how Florida's "doing it right." Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods has instructed employees of his office, in Florida, not to wear masks when they are on duty, barring some exceptions. "This is no longer a debate nor is i...
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+ 5 18 replies 58 views 2 days ago |
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