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I Went to a Funeral

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Perhaps it is me,but nothing prepared me for an obvious fact of growing older,the deaths of those we grew up with,laughed with,argued with and just...knew.
I went to a third funeral in two years yesterday.The first was the suicide of my closest friend,which hit me more than any other death I have experienced,including both my parents.
The second was of a friend who had given me the chance to move out of my parents home,not the first time,but at a time it was desperately needed.John knew it was coming,and had complained after the NHS had revived him when he had asked them not to if the situation arose.
And yesterdays funeral,for I guy I would count as an associate more than friend,but someone who I went to infants school with.And I appreciate him for the individual he definitely was,with the power to influence many others in his younger days.
Another chapter in my life closes,and points to the absolute truth of us all.Thanks for reading.
56-60, M
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Feb 13, 2019
5thApprentice · 26-30, M
Sorry for your losses, mate.

I've been to countless funerals but somehow it never gets easier.Especially when it's someone close to you.
pedrohedgerow · 56-60, M
[@352419,5thApprentice] You are a good man 5th,and Good Bless 🤗
Sorry to hear of your losses.
Yes , we do grow old and lose friends and acquaintances.
pedrohedgerow · 56-60, M
[@280888,BridgeOvertroubledWaters] Thanks BOW,there are some left who I have no wish to outlive,enough is enough.👍️
So sorry, my friend. I’ve attended so many funerals in my life, and it has never gotten any easier for me. Perhaps it should...but it hasn’t. ((hugs))
pedrohedgerow · 56-60, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] Just so you know bb,I value your friendship highly,you will always have a friend here 🤗🍷
[@595251,pedrohedgerow] Likewise. 🤗
xixgun · M
Condolences. After a point, our Christmas card lists simply evaporate.
Holidays mean little. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays. There grow less and less people to celebrate them with or for.

I'm at the point I get more Christmas cards from credit card companies than I do people I actually know.
pedrohedgerow · 56-60, M
[@777164,xixgun] I hear you man,I hear you 🍻
Wraithorn · 46-50, M
Ah yes...death...the thing that makes us more contemplative than anyhing else. I think it also adds layers to our character.
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I Went to a Funeral
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