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how to STOP my Persian cat's hair all over my house :( ?
31-35, F
22 replies
Nov 22, 2016
lucian · 22-25, M
shave it
silentdove · 31-35, F
i di it but now its winter seems that she i growing another coat on her
lucian · 22-25, M
shave again a put a sweater on her
Make it a outdoor kitty
silentdove · 31-35, F
i tried to but my kid consider it as his sister :)
@silentdove: make him an outdoor kid 😃👍
silentdove · 31-35, F
@theoneyouwerewarnedabout: thats impossible :)
anchorman · 46-50, M
a nice coat of lacquer
MasterLee · 51-55, M
Balding clippers
LeonRedfield · 26-30, M
NigelDoes · 51-55, M
Get a fine toothed cat comb and comb him/her every couple days. Makes a huge difference and prevents hairballs.
silentdove · 31-35, F
will buy one
romell · 46-50, M
feed it some gellatine
LeonRedfield · 26-30, M
A Special Jell0. Green in Color, and very very sweet. LOL
GoldenWorm · 46-50, M
Daily vacuuming of the cat.
silentdove · 31-35, F
i try it twice a wk
Unfortunately, that's a downside to having a long-haired cat. I had a Maine Coon blend and the only thing to do was brush her regularly (also good bonding time) and get an [b]excellent[/b] vacuum cleaner.
Catzgano · 26-30, F
Give it away

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