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Black widow spiders...🕷️ They creep me out.
I've been bit, it was not pleasant.😵 I've held tarantulas, and rattlesnakes, and even caught a few scorpions, but the Black Widow has a particular look about her that is extra creepy. The web feels extra creepy, and if they walk on you it feels SOOO extra creepy.😖

Just, just...😩 AAAAGH!!!
Azlotto · M
The only good spider, is a dead spider.
St0nerspud · 56-60, M
They're not native to my area but if I saw one I would not be at peace until I saw that MF DEAD!!!
trackboy · 18-21, M
Why do you have them walking on you? You need to have one of those cough syrups measuring plungers to suck the venom out when you get bit as they will pull a high vacuum 🎃
UnderLockDown · 18-21, M
[@487102,trackboy] No spiderwebs, unfortunately no basement either.
[@487102,trackboy] I’ve caught a black widow with my hands before. Mainly because I wanted to make sure that if anyone gets bitten by it that I’m the one. I showed it to everyone else who found it interesting. Didn’t let anyone else touch it though.
trackboy · 18-21, M
[@387064,CSYLFM] what did they say and do when you showed it to others?? 🎃
Do you intentionally let them crawl on you?

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