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Pets, Animals & Nature

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Humor in nature
I was just outside and there were four male sparrows in the tree by our porch. Along comes a female and she kept going after one particular male, he would move away to avoid her and she was relentless, chased him from branch to branch while the other males just sat and watched, and then she flew off with him not far behind her. Here is the interchange I imagined as it appeared to me...She is chirping at him "I'm back at the nest working to repair and strengthen it, I send you out to bring back a few seeds and where do I find you? Out here carousing around with your buddies! You get your feathery ass back home right now or you'll be roosting on the branch tonight and not in the nest with me!!" This really just happened...😂
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Jan 8, 2019
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bowman81 · 61-69, M
We are all products of nature....😞

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