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Will my feral cat ever be close?
About a year and a half ago I started feeding and taking care of a cat that was left behind when a neighbor moved.It’s definitely an outside feral cat. I feed and water her, give her treats and even built a nice insulated cat box. I even put a heating pad in it so she wouldn’t get cold! Still she pretty much ignores me. Only on rare occasions will she let me pet her. Is it bc she’s feral, or are some cats just that way?
61-69, F
19 replies
Dec 5, 2018
YourMomsTabooCrush · 51-55, M
Some cats are loving and some cats are emotionally unavailable. LOL
firefall · 61-69, M
it's because she's been deserted before, she's not used to anyone being nice to her, and will take a couple more years to get used to the idea I would guess
pedrohedgerow · 61-69, M
I dont know the reason she is as she is,but I love the heart behind your actions. 👍️
LadyGrace · F
Me too! 👍 [@595251,pedrohedgerow]
CereBellum · 41-45, F
After 1.5 years it’s not going to happen. Why not get a cat for yourself and still feed the feral one?
LadyGrace · F
I wasn’t aware of that, thank you. I’ve never had a feral cat. [@207746,CereBellum]
CereBellum · 41-45, F
[@417971,LadyGrace] People don’t own feral cats, as they are unsocialized and tends to be fearful of people.
LadyGrace · F
Oh, wow. Thank you for such good information. [@207746,CereBellum]
Wraithorn · 46-50, M
I presume that is because it's feral. It is unusual for a cat to turn it's nose up at a life of luxury. Possibly it has serious trust issues for some reason.
In any case, thank you for being kind to the cat.
Rambler · 61-69, M
She will probably never let you get close, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate you in her silent cat way. We had a feral cat that ran at the sight of us for a long time but, eventually, would climb onto my wife’s lap. Never my lap, though. So you never know.
Goralski · 46-50, M
You two will be as close as me and my raccoon friends
CathyUK · 51-55, F
Give her time, and let her come to you if she chooses.
akindheart · 61-69, F
i take care of feral cats. some are friendly, some are not. just know you are doing the right thing. get the cat neutered though please
CigsWineNOrgasms · 51-55, M
Wherever she lays her furball that's her home lol. Probably lives part time in luxury and puts on her feral attire when she is bored teasing the love out of us all xx

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