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Is there something wrong with my puppy, if he farts all the time?
I have tried all the different brands of puppy dog food in the shops. But still the little guy fluffs constantly. Their only at half strength too. I fed him a can of adult dog food one time cause that's all I had to give him. I kinda needed to shampoo the carpets the next day and wash the walls just to get the smell out.
36-40, M
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Aug 26, 2018
meregardless · 31-35, M
Scheduling a vet appointment is the first thing to do.
pknein · 41-45, M
next time you bring him to a vet, ask. Honestly though, most of the dog food you find in large stores is formulated for cost rather than canine nutrition- you could try a specialty shop, or do some research and make your own food as well.
Mrsmeta · 36-40, F
Could have a parasite- very common in young animals
MrBrownstone · 41-45, M
Are you sure it’s not you?
MasterofHisDomain · 26-30, M
How fast does he eat?
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
Too fast. I tried feeding him a teaspoon at a time. Doesn't help. [@387592,MasterofHisDomain]
MasterofHisDomain · 26-30, M
[@622125,Thevy29] ok then put a big rock in his food bowl, he’ll have to slow down to eat and the air will stop building up.
Try dry food and take him off of canned food for a couple days and see if that helps.
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