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Pets, Animals & Nature

if you could be any wild animal (human and pets dont count) what would you be.

i would be a wolf because 1. im a dog person 2. because they stay together and dont leave their child and 3. they are the hunters, not the hunted plus, look at this guy
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SecretWish · 36-40, F
Your a dog person but your profile picture is a cat
[@659125,Embunadien] yah i like them the same. but in the wild, dogs are stromger
EnigmaticGeek · 61-69, M
[@659125,Embunadien] That's women, dude--they don't make sense much of the time, and they're still more complicated than rocket science.
[@4406,EnigmaticGeek] 🙄 i like them both. but i WAS more of a cat person at first. so i had a cat pic. but im starting to be more of a dog person because of my dog
Allelse · 31-35, M
I dunno, all my life I've been told wolf but I think I'd rather be one of those Kodiak Bears.
[@415694,Allelse] thats cool
Allelse · 31-35, M
[@492526,Haileygamer099] Yeah I reckon I'd be down with that, I'd get wander around Alaska, sleep during the winter and eat pretty much whatever I wanted.
SW User
a bonobo
SpaceAce · 26-30, M
team wolf
symphonyssadness · 26-30, C
That fox bat thing or whatsit called. They know how to eat.
symphonyssadness · 26-30, C
[@492526,Haileygamer099] eh, I still like how they eat
[@415694,Allelse] oh i thought he meant foxes that could fly XD
Allelse · 31-35, M
[@492526,Haileygamer099] Nah, though that would be cool!
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
A bobcat. I like the way they look. They are sort of like wild kitty cats.

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