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I Am the Black Sheep of the Family

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Sometimes my own family never take my opinion seriously. They just push me away despite being successful compared to rest of the family
3 replies
Jul 8, 2019
I am the black sheep of my family. My parents raised me to be a strong independent woman, now they hate that about me, it seems. My husband and I have our own relationship, one that works for us. Sometimes, he likes to rile me up to get a response, w...
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46-50, F
5 replies
Apr 1, 2017
baaaaaaas! I don't share the same interests as my family members . I don't care about "things and possessions " . I don't care what kind of house ,car or brand names of clothes you have . I don't care if you walk aro...
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9 replies
Jun 4, 2016
I've been told multiple times over the Christmas holidays that I'm too incompetent to hold a job which is why I lost mine. Isn't family great? I had to vent. So glad holidays are almost over. Next everyone will be talking about Valenti...
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31-35, F
3 replies
Dec 29, 2015
Have decided since 3 months to get more involve in gatherings/celebrations in whole big family maybe once in 2-3 years lol. I have forgiven them and still care for them as well though they wont accept who I am or what I believe. I love socialise in r...
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100+, F
0 replies
Jul 9, 2015
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I Am the Black Sheep of the Family
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Updated: 2 mths ago
Categories: Family Struggles, Parenting and Family
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