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I Am Interested In the Paranormal

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How many of us have had those experiences?

70-79, F
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Nov 19, 2016
Sharon4now · M
i have not had one unless you count a trip to OHIO
berangere · 70-79, F
DanielChristensen · 41-45, M
voyelle · 51-55, F
I dooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!
voyelle · 51-55, F
I have been always preoccupied by death but not in the morose sense and, could be..difficult to term it. Yes I have had other experiences also but but but from a very young age..6 or 7 ? cannot remember exactly..pondered about the "me"..always asking questions and mainly not receiving any.
berangere · 70-79, F
You could have had a past life in Ancient Egypt,where for them life and death were closely intertwined,so they did not fear death like we do, you did not just die you merely stepped into another level of existence.I have a very clear memory of the last moments of my immediate past life,had that memory as far back as I can remember.
voyelle · 51-55, F
lucky you ! I always had a fascination for all things chinese way before it was even mentioned in any news...and had an OBE.. and you have had a memory É wow...I envy you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
berangere · 70-79, F
You obviously have had a life in Ancient China and I feel I could have too.You knew about China without being told about it: Soul memories.
I was shot in the back during the second world war, I believe I was working for the resistance,it was in Paris because I had been walking down steps that one can only find in Paris, before entering a house where I believe I was to meet someone,I was a fair haired young woman,I remember how I was dressed,in a grey suit that was in style in the forties and the room I was in,a table,chairs and a wardrobe with a mirror,also in the style of that era,before a man came out from another room and shot me.This was not a dream,it is a very clear recollection,I did not see it at the movies because as a child we lived in a little village in the South of France that did not have a movie theatre and I was far too young to have known what a gun was as I had never seen one.
berangere · 70-79, F
@berangere: [image=]

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I Am Interested In the Paranormal
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