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I Am Emotional

I am frustrated personally because I feel like the case for emotions is largely understated in western civilization.

when patients are damaged in their emotional processing centers they have difficulty arriving at conclusions and taking action in the real world because they rationally analayze all their decisions but calculate indefinitely and far beyond the point of diminshing returns.

The truth is that logic is kind of the Horse and emotion is the carriage.

In other words logic takes you where you want to go but the emotions decide where you want to go.

We need both. People are terrified of this though. I can understand when people like at least one or two of these site members have emotions that cause them to mutilate their bodies in gruesome fashions and I'm not going to name names because it's against the rules but I think you could surmise at least one of the people for whom I refer.

I am in favor of a more emotionally sensitive culture, letting boys cry, and not policing mens emotions and keeping us trapped in a box where some are acceptable and other's are not.

the problem I think that drives the fear is the lunacy of some emotions that are out there.

and yeah I would say maybe we should do better at being rational when it comes to self destructive instincts but ont all of us are addled by them.

I should probably follow my heart- and you know what? I'm one of the few I'd tell to do. I make decisions that are good for me. that help me out.

Oher people will destroy themsleves if they do what they want to. I wouldn't advise them to do so.

But please stop shaming my feelings I swear it's frustrating me. Emotions are hugely underreated and better a bleeding heart than none at all.

Western civilization needs to pull it's head out of its ass and realzie the Dichotomy between emotion and logic is an ultimately false one.
Shengyen · 26-30, M
thank you for writing this

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