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Would you consider late term abortion to be murder?
Why or why not?
+ 0 18 replies 25 views Nov 2, 2016 |
SW User
Well technically it is murder, but I don't really care.
Carver · 26-30, FVIP
No. A fetus is still a fetus and not a fully developed human.
firefall · 61-69, M
@EastAfricanQueen: Honestly, I've never heard of an abortion occurring after 26 weeks where it wasn't a question of life or death. I suppose technically it might, but you'd be very hard pressed to find a doctor willing to do it, I think.
Carver · 26-30, FVIP
@EastAfricanQueen: Not here to argue, just answering your question.
@Carver: Oh ok :)
Adaydreambeliever · 51-55, F
term? as in full term? Well yes probably, but there are certain circumstances where it may be more difficult to say yes or no.. like if the mother had no idea she was pregnant.. it happens.. and it would cause her real and significant harm .. perhaps if she were retarded etc.. .but even then I still think it should be born and taken into care.. but perhaps if they found out the baby was severely disabled as in wouldnt live long.. that might be difficult to say yes or no... it may be that that is more like an end of life choice.. and to prevent suffering..
I had a baby killed.. it was 9 weeks... but it was an ectopic pregnancy.. and they had to deliver/kill it.. I had no choice so i am just saying.. nothing is black and white..there will always be circumstances where there is no completely right or wrong answer.
SW User
Late term abortions are very rare, and probably one of the most difficult decisions to make for a family. Usually it's something compelling... Like a choice between a mother and the child. So I won't consider it a murder. It's however a painful difficult choice one has to make given the circumstances.
Pherick · 36-40, M
Also the term late-term abortion is just a made up term. Babies aborted later in the pregnancy are done because of severe fetus development issues or done to save the mothers life.

No woman just gets lazy about their abortion and then decides to take care of it when the baby is almost ready to be born.
😱 Dont say that to any pregnant girls at my school. They'll kill you and call you a trump supporter
Pherick · 36-40, M
@EastAfricanQueen: They could try and kill me :) .. and I am pretty far the farthest thing from a Trump Supporter.
WiltingRose · 22-25, F
How late is late term?
Pherick · 36-40, M
Usually after 23 - 25 weeks? Thats about the time a fetus can live on its own outside the womb. Though some of those babies still don't make it. 35% or so survive at 23 weeks, and from there stats go up the longer the baby has time to develop in the womb.
katielass · F
Once the fetus is viable, meaning can survive outside the womb, yes, it's murder.
Pherick · 36-40, M
Even in cases of severe developmental issues or mother's life at stake? These are crazy cases that no woman is deciding on a lark. Some of the stories I have read about this are insanely heartbreaking.
Flenflyys · 26-30, F
Yes I would
sarahsong1990 · 26-30, F

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