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Parenting & Family

Should parents spank their children and if so how?

I’ve been spanked since I was little. Just wondering what you guys think
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QuarantineCrushDaddy · 51-55, M
My parents spanked me and I turned out okay. But there is a difference between discipline and abuse.
zeeva70 · F
There are soooooo many more healthy options than spanking children. That's what lazy parents with no self control do.
zeeva70 · F
[@535038,jerWIguy] Your profile and groups tell me all that I need to know about your character and experiences. You have ZERO creditability when it comes to parenting.
jerWIguy · 36-40, M
[@335166,zeeva70] Thank you for addressing the arguments presented instead of an attack against my character. Classy move!
RyanVersaw · M
[@535038,jerWIguy] all of you should be spanked
Fuck yeah.. no quarter
JustcallmeNameless · 31-35, F
that's sounds kinda like child abuse
Shade70 · 46-50, M
If deserved.
sLondonLad90 · 26-30, M
How do you get spanked?
johnsonjelena45 · 51-55, F
As a Mother, I have found spanking work best.
I use other methods but with my children they didn't work.
Anna2006 · F
i dont like it there is always a better way
Johnbtexas · 46-50, M
[@809173,Anna2006] correct is best way
Lofms · M
Allowed? Seems silly question...should others be allowed to spank children not own..that's a question...or till what age should parents be allowed to spank...maybe.or how maybe...but seems few if any I know who would deny a parent the right to spank his or her own child.
Johnbtexas · 46-50, M
Yes... It seems basic to me but I realize in certain parts of this country in the world that is frowned upon... Up for a chat with others
mrwhiterabbit · 41-45, M
Bare bottom- hand or belt (should be rare). Until you live on your own. Corner time, underwear around the knees
Codrin · M
It worked for me - school & home, as a deterrent or/and a punishment. I feared a spanking and did my best to avoid it. I never considered I was abused and did not hate my parents or teachers for disciplining me this way.
emma4 · F
I wish they wouldn't
johnsonjelena45 · 51-55, F
[@635848,emma4] are you still getting spanked?
Fishing65 · 51-55, M
Yes if you misbehave or break the rules then you deserve a spanking
GentleJoe · 61-69, M
A playful swat to say "go clean up your room, young lady" is one thing, but as discipline, its just using violence to enforce.
Emily19 · 18-21, F
I get spanked too. No option!
Mariah423 · 22-25, F
I get spankings too! Message me!!
bepdhl · 31-35, M
[@708956,Mariah423] just hand spankings?
DADDYDEAN · 61-69, M
Good and hard on the bare bottom. Wood hairbrush,wood paddle,belt, and fresh cut willow switch is how we got it back when we were kids.
raja64 · 31-35, M
Yes almost everyone gets spanking. Should be bare. Lol
RyanVersaw · M
A child should be spanked at least once a day to show that child is loved. A child should be spanked before a long lecture so that this child will learn more. a paddle should be used to spank a child before a long lesson. A brush should be used to bolster a lesson given the next morning after the battle. A belt or strap should be used for all that should never continue. There is a switch for all plight that goes against the way a child should be raised. Switch the plight with a switch for the pain.

All child should be spanked
RyanVersaw · M
I left the post in reply to your question about how a girl should get spanked. Read this and give me a reply. Tell me what you get spanked for in your home. I would like to know if you are Spanked out where the people can see. Tell me if you were spanked on the bare bottom. A good girl is Spanked daily to raise her pride.

When you call for role play you call for a spanking. Bare your bottom for me for you are naughty. Bare your bottom and get over my knee. I live in southern Colorado and I would journey to you just to spank you and teach you all I know.

We must talk more.

Tell me that you love me for I am man.
daddybrad49 · 61-69, M
hand on bare but
johnsonjelena45 · 51-55, F
Nothing else worked as well as spanking.

acoker - you can message me, if you want.
DADDYDEAN · 61-69, M
[@700728,johnsonjelena45] I agree with you. Nothing ever workded like a good long hard bare bottom spanking with the paddle or hairbrush on all 3 of our teens.

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