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My entire weight gain journey

Soo for those who haven’t been around since the start of my weight gain ... let me catch you up to speed-
It started innocent. I was in a new relationship, put on a little happy weight, and had a massive food baby after dinner one night....like could not button my pants.
I whined to my boyfriend that it was his fault that my pants don’t fit and that he was making me fat. He said he had noticed my weight gain and thought it was sexy. He asked if he could rub my belly soo I let him. He got turned on pretty quick and then admitted he was a bit of a chubby chaser and Maybe had a bit of a fat fetish.

I was happy that I didn’t need to watch what I ate anymore. I was about 115lbs at that time, and ballooned up to 145 8 months into our relationship. A typical date for us would include dinner, hanging out at his apartment watching tv and eating snacks, then going out for ice cream or late night fast food... or we would end up at a bar or a club and would get loads of Taco Bell on the way home.

He would always rub my belly after eating too much ... or ask me to weigh myself in front of him.
Things fizzled, and by the end of our relationship a year later, I was hovering around 150lbs.

I went to visit my family, who right away noticed my weight gain. My mom poked my belly and told me I looked pregnant. My dad said he could tell I was eating good.

When I got home, I remember looking up my BMI online... At 5’4 and 150ish lbs I was still in the normal range ... just high end of normal. I remember looking at my gut in the mirror that night thinking about how I should cut back my eating and start working out.

I tried to low carb diet, ended up losing 5lbs, then gaining 15.

I went out to the club one night with my friends and was dancing. This guy was staring at me so I was making eyes with him and eventually he came over and said “the button on your pants popped off 10 minutes ago and your belly is sticking out. I just wanted you to know”
That didn’t stop him from hooking up with me that night lol. The next morning after going out for breakfast he said “girls with bodies like yours are always better in bed” when I asked what he meant by bodies like mine he said “you know ...thick ...chubby...soft”

It was that moment that I think I finally accepted the fact that I was chubby.

Covid hit, I gained more weight, hooked up with more guys who love to feed me and then rub my belly and jiggle me and tell me how fat I’m getting and they like it.

I’m teetering between 175-180 lbs currently. I eat to my heart’s content. Most of my weight is in my belly and boob...

Walking around in tight clothes makes me feel so good. Watching my belly jiggle is another turn on. Having someone play with my belly is seriously the best feeling.

Basically, I love eating, stuffing myself and comparing pictures from 2 years ago to now.

Me and my ex who started it all recently started talking again. He loves that I’ve put on more weight, and still loves teasing me about how I went from having cute little food baby bellies every night to having a big round chubby belly.

Sooo that’s how I got here! No plans of losing weight anytime soon lol
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Wolfee · 31-35, M
WonderGirl · 41-45, F
Interesting story. Made me kind of horny. No idea why.
StevetheSleeve · 26-30, M
Everyone should have a goal of not having to be removed from your home by a crane when you die.
keeper · 41-45, M
Willomk1 · 41-45, M
Enjoy eating and gaining the bigger the better

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