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I Keep My Emotions Bottled Up

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Hi everyone

You all must be wondering why I used those three magical words in Chinese. Well I have a very lovely incident of mine attached with those Chinese words. I am a person who loves cute lovely romantic stories and films too ( like Letters to Juliet..) and this was kind of romantic encounter. So the story goes like… A tall and handsome Italian guy once came to our institute where I am pursuing my PhD. He came for some project related work. We were introduced to each other by my colleagues. That was the first day we met and we just said Hello to each other and nothing more. Well.. I am a very shy person and I have difficulty in starting a conversation with new people. And he too was a shy guy. So that day we said nothing to each other just “Hi” and “Bye”. The next day we went for lunch together along with my colleagues. The lunch was planned by my colleagues(who became friends with him so easily… why can’t I ??? HUH..). There was a fair going on and we all went there. We roamed here and there and finally went to a stall for having lunch. So while having lunch I caught him staring at me and he looked away shyly. Oh god! I still remember that moment.It was so lovely and cute….He looking at me from behind his specs with those shy brown eyes…

Well we finished our lunch and came back to our dept. And all this time we didn’t say a word. You people might be thinking what a stupid girl I am! But you know people it’s in a girl’s nature not to approach first. So there I was not saying a word while all my colleagues were really having good time with him. Then our mam came and she was asking him whether he liked India or not and about other things.Then she started teaching him how to say I love you in the local Indian language. But to my surprise he asked her how to say I love you in Chinese. I was surprised coz I have Mongolian features and I do look like Chineeeeeese… I think he thought I was from China!!! Well whatever it was I felt my heart racing fast. At that time I too didn’t knew the Chinese version of I love you. Even our mam didn’t knew it.Moreover she paid no heed to what he was asking. She was busy teaching him the local language. And there I was sitting and thinking was that for me?? Was he referring to me?? It was his last day at my dept and he was to catch a train that very evening. At last the time came to say goodbye and I was thinking God plz make him stay for another day. But this is real life not a movie where miracles happen. We bade goodbye to each other just the way we said Hello. And that’s the end of the story. That night I searched on internet and found ‘Wo Ai Ni’ is ‘I love you’ in Chinese.

I don’t know whether he liked me or not. Sometimes I think I may have been wrong from the very first time. Maybe all my perceptions about him were wrong. But whatever it was I liked it. I still cherish those moments and whenever I think about the moment when he was staring at me, I feel like singing the song “I’m in love” the Cornetto TV ad song (although this ad came much later after that incident..). We never contacted each other.I don’t know whether he remembers me or not. I have seen his Facebook profile but never thought of contacting him.From his FB I came to know that he loves travelling and has a blog too.

Well those were the moments that I shall always cherish in my heart. So now whenever I hear “WO AI NI” I think of all those moments and about that tall handsome bespectacled shy Italian guy…
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May 30, 2015
Nice to read.Are you from India/Indian?
miru11 · 31-35, F
yup I'm Indian.
nicely written. :)
miru11 · 31-35, F
Thank you :)
why dont you contact him?'
are you a literature student?
miru11 · 31-35, F
haha... sure I'll do
thank you :)
miru11 · 31-35, F
Nope :)

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I Keep My Emotions Bottled Up
i know i should let my feelings out... but i CANT!
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