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I watched quite a bit of the Chauvin trial and I have to say that my read on things was the prosecution made its case.

it ripped the defense a new asshole even with the cross examination and the case was open and shut against Chauvin the reason I'm suprised is that even having a cop dead to rights often hasn't been enough to secure a Conviction. The Evidence agaisnt Chauvin was Overwhelming.

Everyone processes things differently based on their experiences with the police but my own back story with the cops I mean...

I've had runs with law enforcement that weren't because I myself was a criminal for all of my life.

When I was young my Baby sitter was my Eldest Sister's Best friend from High school, she was 16 when I was 4.

and Her Bestie had an abusive schizoophrenic father and a sister with all kinds of mental problems her name was Jackie and I was effectively RAISED by my Natal Mother Jackie and my Eldest Sister they all took turns but eventually Jackies Dad got P/Oed and called the neighboring counties police department and so my EARLIEST memories are of a SWAT RAID on our house and then trips to a Family Lawyer when it turned out as was filled in later in life by my late father that the Department that Raided us did not have jurisdiction and we sued the neighboring county out of about 15000 dollars.

No joke- My dad shortly thereafter drove the family vehicle because of the sun in his eyes into a pile of rocks and I was red all up and down my chest from the seatbelt.

I mean those are my earliest memories- having effectively a 2nd mother Pried from me by the neighborhing counties police department snd it only went down hill from there.

When we first came into Florida i was stopped by an office in Polk County who wanted to ask a million questions about why I wasn't in school even though we just moved down there and all thoroughout my teenage years I'd be doing things like climbing over apartment complexes fences on the way OUT to save time only to see a Cruiser cruise by in the police vehicle and JAQ off as in just asking questions.

I've been profiled and subjected to police suspicion most of my life and I don't like them.

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