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What do you do when there's a song stuck in your head?
Right now Ignorance by Paramore is stuck in mine btw
22-25, F
21 replies
Jun 27, 2017
You listen to it on repeat
ChickenWingFreak · 22-25, F
@TXCountryBoy: that's what I usually do lol
Grind on me for dear life lol just teasing, playing!!! 🤣
Really? You don't even know, who or what I am?
ChickenWingFreak · 22-25, F
@FitAndTrimYetThick: love is universal 🌎 doesn't matter who, what, when, where, why, or how
CUTE response.
Here's one for you! 🤣
@ChickenWingFreak: 🤣 Those nightmares! lol
ChickenWingFreak · 22-25, F
@BemyValentine: exactly lmao
@ChickenWingFreak: 😂
Feuerwehrmann · 18-21, M
Middle by DJ Snake, it depends if I need to do something important and if it's a good song. This one is, but I need to get started with my day, so I'll just listen to a catchier song
Rutterman · 41-45, M
Replace it with another one.
thatscottishguy · 22-25, M
I have the logical song- Scooter stuck in my head
Diyanne · F
[c=#003BB2]I usually end up with the song's various youtubes...😁[/c]
JimboSaturn · 46-50, M
If I like the song I just go with it. If I hate it which is often the case with me, I try to sing another song to replace it :P
i love Paramore...Aint it Fun
SW User
Omg ..last month it was my ding aling by check berry ! Haha
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