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Has anyone really figured out what the fox says?
26-30, F
8 replies
Mar 17, 2019
bourbon91-99, M
usually 'eww. go away, old man. you ugly', in my experience.
MinorThreat26-30, M
Why? Did you really have to bring that up again? I thought we were all way past that shit
Snowvixen26-30, F
[@909077,MinorThreat] 馃 Who said we were past it? 馃槀 I bring this shits up cause I wanna know
User4131-35, M
I have heard fox in the wild.

But in my opinion hearing a moose in the middle of the night is way crazy

Snowvixen26-30, F
[@646421,User41] that thing in heat or what? 馃槀馃槷
User4131-35, M
Idk but I don鈥檛 want to be next to it if it was in heat.
He says

HoraceGreenley51-55, M
I saw one last weekend and it didn't make a sound
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Has anyone really figured out what the fox says? | Music | Similar Worlds