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What are some of the vinyl record albums that you own?
By [@5571,therighttothink50]
18 replies
Feb 17, 2019
User41 · 31-35, M
I think it’s about time you gave me best answer!
Becksta · 31-35, F
[@646421,User41] Hmm... Who sang that one, then??? 🤣
User41 · 31-35, M
🤷🏻‍♂️ Somtimes I answer questions without actually answering the question
BlueClapTrap · 31-35, M
Mostly just G.G. Allin
rckt148 · 56-60, M
Skynard , Outlaws ,38 Special , Jethro Tull , 3 Dog Night , Rush , Styx , Bad Company , Marshal Tucker ,Waylon ,Pink Floyd ,Fleetwood Mac ,Zepplin ,Boston , Heart , The Stones , The Beatles , Gary Wright , Meatloaf ,Queen ,Nazareth
Barry White ,Earth Wind and Fire ,the OJ's ,Tina Turner ,Ura Heep ,Lobo ,
Elton John ,Almond Brothers ,Clapton

I burned all my albums in the 90's ,,but I had left some at my Dads
when Mom passed I found them in the attic ,,,Dad was good at holding on to things for me
its a drop in the bucket to the ones I burned though

I was a religious nut then ,,now I just love God
He does not mind me liking good music ,,as long as it does not replace Him
Abbenthewolf · 13-15, M
I have literally hundreds. Some I inherited from my grandparents.
Bluesky52 · 56-60, M
atlanta rythym section,ozark mountain daredevils,poco,pure prarrie league,willie nelson,
rckt148 · 56-60, M
[@1281,Bluesky52] not so sure thats true ,
a washed up Rhythm player is not that hard to replace ,even a famous one
I have fired a few myself ,,,thinking they are Gods gift to a band
I made everyone of my guys sit out gigs ,,,so they could see
None of us make the band alone ,and I am the lead singer
there is always someone willing to take our place ,,,except I out lived all my band mates ,,and I am one of the founders ..the other was the first to die ..
The entire Van Zant family have all had very successful bands
Johnny is a carbon copy of Ronnie and twice as cocky
People love that he keeps his brothers band in tact
and all the old ones have died just a few left ,,Gary just plays ,he's not an upfront man ,,and I can tell you ,NO WOMAN runs Johnny
Don't believe everything you read on the net ,or that the person your talking to is actually say they are ,,,
Bluesky52 · 56-60, M
I think I crossed paths with johnny in a bass pro shop about 10 years ago,TRUE,,,,,music is a hard business,i'd rather be behind the scenes,a lot of attitudes out there,
rckt148 · 56-60, M
[@1281,Bluesky52] that is entirely possible ,he has a house on the water and does a lot of fishing ,,,I prefer to sing my ass off ,,and hire people to make sure that is all I have to do ,,and they know I am not changing for anyone again .
I have already been famous and it turned my passion into a job ,,took all the joy out of it ,
I only play now for fun ,,,if I get paid ,,,icing on the cake
I made as much a night in tips in small clubs
as having all the expenses deducted ,,all the hands in the pie getting paid
I made out better with a manager and doing small gigs then all the time of the road ,,and you get to come home ,choose what you play .
Being a music man ain't always the way its suppose to be ---Steve Perry
I loved it ,,but it cost me a lot too ,,and when its a job
you aren't giving the fans your best ,,your just going through the motions
I am there for them ,and they give me the desire to keep doing it
I am retiring now ,,done with most of it ,but I still love a good jam session with old friends ,,famous or not
I would love to get an invite to Daryl's House ,,,thats a jam I am always down for ,,,He knows all the greats ,and he and john are 2 of them
Have a good one
Byron8by7 · M
I own about 3,000 vinyl LP record albums. I have many classical LPs from England, on the EMI and Decca labels, and many American RCA Living Stereo and Mercury Living Presence classical LPS. I have many jazz LPS on the ECM label.
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